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For Candace
Let us all remember Joe Bell and his family during this very
difficult time brought about by the loss of their beloved Candace.
Please pray for their peace and comfort and help them continue with
their lives and support them in anyway possible.  We can only imagine
the grief that they must feel but each of us can help them through this
in our own way.  Any small gesture is helpful and much appreciated.
So if you will, give them a kind word, a smile, or a hug and always
your prayers or whatever you can give.  If you wish to give a donation,
you can forward it through any ASI office or send it to them through-
Joseph Bell II
In Memory of Candace Bell
Bank of Collinwood
P. O. Box 8
Collinwood TN  38450
Acct # 134-913-9  ABA Routing # 064104887
With the (Acct #) and (ABA Routing #) you should be able
to make a deposit at any bank and have it transferred to the Bell family.
If you would like to send your love via cards or other means you can 
contact the Bell Family at;
4190 Thompson Hollow Road
Iron City, TN 38463
Call (931) 724-4209
Thank you, each and everyone for your love and caring.