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Let the Medicine of the Sacred Circle Prevail.
Let many people across the land come to the circle
and make prayers for the healing of Mother Earth.
Let the circle of the Medicine Wheel Prevail. -- Sunbear

This is the ceremony that Sun Bear taught to honor the full or new moon. Ideally, the ceremony would be held outside with a full view of the moon, but it can be held inside as well, if need be. I like to begin the ceremony with drumming, rattling, and chanting to celebrate the Grandmother's light.

The actual ceremony which follows takes approximately an hour or so, depending on the size of the group. Allow about 15 to 20 minutes for drumming and chanting at the beginning. Materials needed are: sage, smudge, bowl, fan, blanket, glass or stoneware bowl and cup for cornmeal and water, and a moon crystal (a crystal which has spoken to you about wanting to be used in this ceremony). If you wish to honor the element of this particular moon as well, you would bring one of the following: for Earth moon - a crystal; for Fire moon - a candle; for Water moon - another bowl with some additional water; for Air moon - a feather.

1. The facilitator chooses a gateway through which the participants will enter (on the Medicine Wheel this would be the East Door). Facilitator enters first and walks moonwise or counterclockwise, around the circle.

2. Facilitator returns to the original position and waits until the circle has formed. Facilitator goes to the center, offers the water to the moon and pours it into the bowl. She also offers the crystal to the moon, then sets it down next to the water. She does the same with the cornmeal and the representation of that moon. (Assuming that there are several people involved in the ceremony, I like to get everyone involved in these offerings, as opposed to just the facilitator).

3. The facilitator (or appointed person) prepares the smudge and proceeds to smudge first herself, the items on the blanket, the Creator, Earth Mother, four cardinal directions, and the remainder of the circle.

4. Participants may chant (Fire and Smoke) while smudging is happening, and/or they can do so afterwards. The facilitator then goes to the center of the circle, gets the item representing the element of this month, prays with that item, and passes it around the circle for everyone to add their prayers.

5. The facilitator goes to the center, gets the cornmeal and comes back to the circle. She takes a pinch of the cornmeal and offers it, along with any words, chants, poems or prayers she wishes to share, to the moon. She then scatters the cornmeal on the Earth Mother. The cornmeal continues around the circle for everyone to follow suit.

6. The facilitator goes to the center of the circle and picks up the crystal. She raises it above her head, point facing the moon, and either silently or out loud asks the energy of the moon to come into it. She then brings the point of the crystal over the bowl of water, firmly shaking the crystal toward the water four times. This process is repeated four times for four complete rounds, beginning with the facilitator facing the east and turning toward each of the cardinal directions for each round. This draws the moon's energy down into the water.

7. She offers the bowl of water to the moon. She asks the moon to bless the water so that it brings clear, vivid dreams to everyone. She then pours the water into a chalice, takes a sip, and takes the chalice around the circle moonwise. Each person takes a sip of the water, asking silently that the water help her or him to receive, understand, and speak the truth of the moon.

8. The facilitator offers the water to the moon again. She asks that the earth and all her children have enough water to drink in the cycle that is now beginning. She pours the remainder of the water on the Earth Mother.

9. The facilitator may now lead the people in a chant to Grandmother Moon. (If it is wished here, a pipe ceremony may be done.)

10. The facilitator then gathers all the tools used in the ceremony, and leads the people out of the circle in the same way they entered, moonwise. The allows everyone to complete their walk around the circle.

11. The facilitator then cleans the tools used in the ceremony. The crystal used should be kept in a place where it will see the light of the moon during all of the moon's phases.

Elements of the Moon:

Earth: (Crystal)
12/22 - 1/19, 4/20 - 5/20, 8/23 - 9/22

Air: (Feather)
1/20 - 2/18, 5/21 - 6/20, 9/23 - 10/23

Water: (Water)
2/19 - 3/20, 6/21 - 7/22, 10/24 - 11/21

Fire: (Candle)
3/21 - 4/19, 7/23 - 8/22, 11/22 - 12/21