02/24/02 I removed the "Trunks" section and have moved all the mp3s contained therein into the mp3 section. I have atained a copy of the last episode of dragon ball gt and hope to get some sounds outa that. I have also been working on a summery for movie 12 "Rebirth of Fushion Gokou and Vegita" and hopefully will be done with it soon. I have purchased movie 4 and movie 5 and hope to get some sounds off of them and I have perchased the majin Vegita taps and will get some sounds off of them. I also plan to go back thru my whole tape colection and get the sounds I never did and maby I'll fill up these 50 megs.

10/22/01 Ok Ok the next weekend thing went out the window but this wensday and thursday I'm out of school so hopefully I'll do something

9/27/01 I just bought the first part of the Majin Vegeta Fight and all the audio will be up next weekend I swear. 

8/30/01 Sorry for not updating the whole summer I was busy doing other things like vegetating and sitting on my ass and stuff. Any way since I didn't do a thing I thought how about I do a Dragon Ball blow out bonanza (DBBOB). Hears the plan over the summer my self and my friend have appropriated many new videos including the early epps of the upcoming season, the new dragon ball movie 4 Lord Slug (Yes it did suck like every one said but hell it will get a feature any way) I'm very excited about what's coming. Ok hear is the other news I own the domain but I probly will not move to it for some time (namely when I can pay for the stuff that goes with it) so don't expect any big changes any time soon. Oh and the people at Yahoo have turned me down....Again! !#$% them they completely ignored my complaint as well Ill try later today. that's about it for now see you later.

5/23/01 Hey Guys did you know Cartoon Network is soon going to place 
Dragon Ball on the air. Hear is their online article. 

The Dragon Ball air date has been rescheduled from June 4. The new date that Dragon Ball is to begin airing on Cartoon Network is June 25. We apologize for the delay and hopefully this will be the last reschedule. Dragon Ball is still slotted for 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time, immediately after Dragon Ball Z. The first 28 episodes of DB will air. These episodes will contain the original music from the Japanese series. This series is a blast, so be sure to tune in June 25.

Continue to watch for updates here at Remember, if these episodes are successful CN (Cartoon Network) will pick up the entire series, so tell you friends to watch.

I am very excited about Dragon Ball coming hear. For those that don't know Dragon Ball is the story of Goku as a child. It was released first in Japan but Saban pressed Dragon Ball Z. Oh well what are ya gonna do.

Also on the 9th of June I will be going to the Dragon Ball Z Hummer Tour. It is about the TCG (Trading Card Game) which I think is stupid but nonetheless the DBZ voice actors will be there and I will be attempting to get an on tape (audio cassette) interview which I will compress into my beloved MP3 format and post on the site. Well See you later. 

5/15/01 Whoa Long time since I typed a thing hear ok hear goes I have front page this means I will make greater quality pages with no spelling errors bye.

15/10/00 ok lots of news I fixed all the dead links and tinkered with some stuff I also added a mailing list signup box on the first page and the ability to submit your own links in my links section (check it out) also angelfire has given every one 50 megs of space !!!50 megs!!! so I will expand soon also I will try to fix spelling a typos on the site ASAP that's all

04/9/00 ok good news angelfire has given me more disk space and I will update soon also I get a new computer tomorrow wick means I can do some real cool stuff and I have also found a domain name for the site all I have to do is get the cash ($70.00) for it so keep buying stuff or if you want you can give a tax deductible donation to this site click on contribute to this page for details

16/8/00 Sorry it took me a while to up date this section well here is the story I want to take the character section farther but I have once again run out of space dew to me providing the mp3s for the site so I'm once again giving angelfire an ultimatum give me more space or I leave they are very slow to contact me and I am getting mad so hold on a little while

9/4/00 I have gotten the space and now have a single mpeg file in the "other" section by the way I own recording rites to every mp3 in the section that has them and if I find them on your server I will contact them and you can be removed for it every mp3

I am very angry angel fire has not delivered on it's promise to give me more disk space thus I have decided to give them a month as of February 17th to deliver if not I WILL MOVE TO A NEW SERVER!!!!! thank you.

Hello in order to make it possible for me to get more disk space I m going to have to delete the wavs section and most of the Japan and mp3 sections but once I am approved I will bring them back so don't worry

Hello today new mp3s and Japan sounds have been added but until my request for more storage space is carried out I will not be able to put much more on my page But enjoy

hi my friends and welcome to my news section in a bought a week I will be able to once again post things on the internet and this page as of Friday I created some new sounds and a new banner for linking many are from the movie the dead zone and if you saw the cartoon network version I will have that Japanese song translated for you and for today I bid you adieu.