destroy.mp3 In this one Garlic JR is laughing like a diabolical fool

enterpic.mp3 This is Piccolo's entering music It is really cool

finish.mp3 "Goku this time I'm going to finish you off for good!"

nodie.mp3 "I told you I will never die!"

pogohan.mp3 Gohan really P/O

seethings.mp3 this is funny you have to listen

whell.mp3 This is the only cursing in the whole movie worth recording

dbzopen.mp3 The new opening of the show this is highest quality recording I can currently make

bigpicture.mp3 Every one gets the big picture of who trunks is

blast.mp3 Vegeta yelling at android #20

deadbeatdad.mp3 What Vegeta Thinks of Trunks and Bulma

describe.mp3 Trunks description of androids #17 and #18

forget.mp3 Bulma talking to Vegeta its funny

found.mp3 android #20 Gets a hold of Piccolo

hereiam.mp3 "Here I am *WHAM*"

killingyou.mp3 Piccolo gets preachy

letsgo.mp3 Funny talk between Yajirobe and Bulma

myson.mp3 Vegeta gets the picture a bought Trunks

oldbulma.mp3 Trunks flash/back to his mother telling him a bought his father

recall.mp3 Vegeta acting tough

strongas.mp3 Krillian describing Piccolo's new power

yeshewas.mp3 Bulma talking baby talking to baby Trunks

amaze.mp3 Vegeta Calling Bulma stupid

assume.mp3 Trunks talking to Freeza

bossbulma.mp3 Bulma ordering Vegeta around

cold.mp3 King Cold's Stupid British accent

gult.mp3 Chi Chi Giving Gohan the Guilt trip

look.mp3 Vegeta talking to Trunks

madchi.mp3 Chichi getting mad

ok.mp3 Vegeta with an attitude

pink.mp3 Vegeta complaining a bought his pink shirt

servantwoman.mp3 It's funny listen

vegetaonwoman.mp3 Vegita's point on Women

woman.mp3 "Be Quiet WOMAN"

05/24/01 02:15 AM