Japanese Sounds

Movie 11

trysmart.mp3Trunks tries to be smart, and fails It's pretty long)

thathurt.mp3Mr.Satan Jumps Flips... and trips on a banana peal

papa.mp3One of the few things Kuririn's daughter, Marron says

oshi.mp3Trunks doesn't like animals but Goten does

ohhh.mp3 an anime response

krillingetorder.mp3#18 wares the pants in that family

hairstyle.mp3Trunks Makes fun of Kuririn's (yes he has hair) hair style and he gets mad

gotago.mp3Kurrin's daughter needs to use the bathroom

giveusakiss.mp3Trunks thinks and...moons

bighead.mp3Mr.Satan Gets a big head

18wantcash.mp3 Android 18 wants Mr. Satan to give her 50 million zeni

From movie 1

cha-la.mp3 Japan DBZ opening song

dsong.mp3the song that was sung after Gohan ate the alcohol apples

Zenkai-power.mp3 Dbz closing in Japan if you want to see it translated click here

Other sounds

dbz-o.mp3The real Bardock Sean

ss1goku1.mp3The audio from the first time Goku goes SSJ