Dragon Ball Theories

By Iwpoe

 These are my personal theories on why such is such in Dragon Ball. Warning I'm a nerd (aren't we all?) so this is gonna get technical and scientific so get you dictionaries ready.

1. Why Goten/Trunks Went Super Saiya-jin younger than every one else 

Ok Hear is my theory. The Pure Blood Saiya-jin (Gokou and Vegeta) were the oldest to go SSJ. Gohan the half that was conceived before Gokou was SSJ was in the middle. While Goten/Trunks the half  that were conceived after SSJ where the youngest to achieve the state. Now here is my theory why. Lets observe the two races.



Grow in strength quickly

Grow in strength slowly

Peak in power at a low level

Peak at High level or not at all

Ok let me explain. Humans like Krillian Yamucha and Tein (yes he is human) grow quickly but peak lower than other races. See how all the humans are weak they basically peak and grow slowly from then on. Now look at the Saiya-jin they grow and grow they never peak but it takes them quite a time to get stronger. When you combine the two you get this...

Human/Saiya-jin hybrid 

Grows in strength quicker than Saiya-jin but slower than humans. Peaks higher than humans but not as high as a pure Saiya-jin.

 Now then I bet you are saying "but Iwpoe what about Goten/Trunks they were younger than every one" well shut up I'm getting there. Ok when Gokou and Vegita went SSJ there DNA changed (how else can you explain the hair and eye color change) this trait was passed down and made it easier for Goten/Trunks to go SSJ. There you go my first theory thanks for reading it.

What is The Deal with Tein's 3rd eye?

There is a meditative concept called the third eye. This eye is and extra sense (sixth sense if you will) witch has abilities including and beyond that of the ordinary eye. In real meditation this is the minds eye and can only be used under great concentration. But our burly friend has managed to awaken and manifest his third eye into a physical organ. This means that at one point Tein had two eyes like every one else (He is human) and thru intense meditative discipline he awakened his 3rd eye and manifested it into a real eye in the exact place it is said to reside (the middle of the forehead).