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TENNESSEE TAPES / Scott's Tape Trading

Welcome to my TENNESSEE TAPES webpage. This webpage is updated on a regular basis. Check back often to see what is new to my list.

I have a collection of over 1000 live audio tapes that I trade. I trade only. I do not sell any of my tapes. The tapes that I collect or own are in no way meant to compete with the commercial releases of these respected artists.

I have been collecting live audio tapes for over 10 years. I also tape shows myself. During this time I have built a collection of many varied artists.

My main wants in trading right now are:

Jimmy Buffett, Van Halen, Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Steve Earle, KISS, and Every Mothers Nightmare

(1)When trading, I use Maxell XLII's. I appreciate the same. Anything else needs to be worked out beforehand. (2)No high-speed dubs. (3)I can go either way on sending cases, if it's not talked about, I'll send them. (4)No Dolby noise reduction, if you want it, I will do it, I don't want it. (5)Be patient. I do a lot of trading, and sometimes get behind with work and school and all.

Here is my collection:

03/05/96 Milwaukee,WI 135m AUD VG+
Bryan Adams
09/01/87 Knoxville,TN 100m AUD VG+/EX- MASTER
03/19/94 Vancouver,BC 155m AUD EX-
04/23/73 Boston,MA 50m SBD EX
08/11/84 Montreal,Que 90m AUD VG+
00/00/86 Rockline 80m FM EX MASTER
05/26/86 Iowa Jam 90m AUD EX-
00/00/87 Permanent Vacation outtakes 120m SBD EX-
00/00/91 MTV Unplugged 20m TV EX 1gen
Alice In Chains
10/06/91 Hollywood,CA 35m AUD VG-/G+
00/00/92 Los Angeles,CA 35m
00/00/93 USA 35m
03/03/93 Nottingham,UK 80m AUD EX/EX-
04/09/93 Salem,OR 75m AUD EX-
06/21/93 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
07/13/93 Stanhope,NJ 60m AUD EX/EX-
Allman Bros. Band
04/00/71 Gatlinburg,TN 10m AUD EX 3gen
00/00/90 MTV Unplugged 20m TV EX
03/21/91 Crested Butte,CO 90m SBD EX
10/11/91 Costa Mesa,CA 135m SBD EX/EX-
10/11/91 Costa Mesa,CA 115m SBD EX DATCLONE
07/04/92 Morrison,CO 135m AUD EX-
08/01/92 Woodinville,WA 140m
06/25/93 Chicago,IL 165m AUD EX 2gen
07/24/94 Bonner Springs,KS 170m AUD EX 3gen
08/23/94 Knoxville,TN 155m AUD EX/EX-
00/00/94 New York City,NY 175m AUD EX/EX-
11/11/95 Bristol,VA 150m AUD EX/EX-
05/16/93 San Francisco,CA 85m AUD EX-
11/24/95 Old Bridge,NJ 80m AUD EX-/VG+
08/06/96 Nashville,TN 75m AUD VG+ MASTER
The Artist (Prince)
08/22/97 Nashville,TN 115m AUD EX- DATMASTER
Atomic Punks (Van Halen tribute band)
03/25/95 Van Nuys,CA 80m AUD EX-
00/00/86 demos 35m SBD EX/EX-
07/28/89 Toronto,Ont. 80m SBD EX-/VG+
09/17/89 Knoxville,TN 40m AUD VG- MASTER
12/22/90 Santa Monica,CA 90m AUD EX-
08/22/91 Montreal,Que. 80m AUD EX-
Bad Radio
00/00/89 demos 80m SBD EX/EX-
David Ball
10/14/97 Nashville,TN 10m FM EX DATMASTER
Mandy Barnett
07/15/97 Nashville,TN 20m AUD EX/EX- DATMASTER
BBM (Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Gary Moore)
05/31/94 Copenhagen,Denmark 120m AUD EX-
Bein' Johnson
11/02/97 Nashville,TN 35m FM EX DATMASTER
The Beatles
1962-67 Ultra Rare Trax 140m SBD EX Vol. 1-4
04/11/93 Portland,OR 55m AUD EX-
04/09/95 Modern Rock Live 40m FM EX MASTER
Big Head Todd And The Monsters
08/23/94 Knoxville,TN 75m AUD EX 1gen
10/28/97 Nashville,TN 25m FM EX DATMASTER
Black Crowes
06/19/90 Middletown,NY 40m AUD VG
09/05/90 Philadelphia,PA 30m AUD EX-/VG+
11/26/90 New Haven,CT 85m AUD EX
07/20/92 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
09/20/92 Knoxville,TN 100m AUD VG+ 3gen
02/06/93 Houston,TX 90m FM EX
05/06/94 Memphis,TN 90m AUD EX- 2gen
10/25/94 "Amorica" world premier 100m FM EX MASTER
02/09/95 Zurich,Switzerland 105m SBD EX 2gen
04/12/95 Nashville,TN 115m AUD EX 1gen
04/21/95 Knoxville,TN 115m AUD EX-/VG+ MASTER
04/22/95 Memphis,TN 115m AUD EX 3gen
08/19/95 Milwaukee,WI 75m AUD EX
09/20/96 Berkeley,CA 100m AUD EX 1gen
08/03/97 Irvine,CA 60m AUD EX 1gen
Black N Blue
00/00/85 Detroit,MI 55m FM EX-
Black Sabbath
07/13/85 Live Aid 15m FM EX MASTER
09/01/90 Wolverhampton,UK 130m AUD VG+
09/13/90 Bradford,UK 105m AUD EX-
11/14/92 Costa Mesa,CA 60m AUD VG/VG+ w/Rob Halford
11/15/92 Costa Mesa,CA 30m AUD VG/VG+ w/Ozzy Osbourne
11/16/92 Rockline 45m FM EX w/Rob Halford
Blue Oyster Cult
00/00/88 Rockline 45m FM EX MASTER
Bon Jovi
00/00/00 Powerstation demos 95m SBD EX
02/00/84 Philadelphia,PA 20m FM EX-
05/13/87 Knoxville,TN 120m AUD VG+ MASTER
00/00/87 Cincinnati,OH 75m FM EX MASTER
02/13/89 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
02/23/89 Knoxville,TN 110m AUD VG+ MASTER
10/04/79 Heidelberg,Germany 90m AUD VG+
07/00/87 Texas Jam 120m AUD VG+
David Bowie/Nine Inch Nails
10/19/95 Las Vegas,NV 150m AUD EX/EX-
Buck 50
07/15/97 Nashville,TN 25m AUD EX/EX- DATMASTER
Jimmy Buffett
09/10/75 San Francisco,CA 80m SBD EX
07/04/80 Minneapolis,MN 90m FM EX
00/00/86 Miami,FL 90m TV EX
07/07/92 Jones Beach,LI,NY 105m AUD EX
08/17/93 Jones Beach,LI,NY 110m AUD EX
06/01/94 Jones Beach,LI,NY 110m AUD EX
03/01/97 Knoxville,TN 130m AUD VG+ DATMASTER
03/02/97 Nashville,TN 140m AUD EX DATMASTER
Burning Spear
05/02/81 Amsterdam,Holland 45m SBD EX
Gary Burr
03/19/97 Nashville,TN 30m FM EX/VG+ 1gen
11/30/94 WKDF,Nashville,TN 15m FM EX interview 1gen
11/30/94 Murfreesboro,TN 90m AUD EX/EX- 1gen
The Carter Bros.
09/30/97 Nashville,TN 25m FM EX MASTER
Marshall Chapman
03/02/97 Nashville,TN 35m AUD EX DATMASTER
1985-86 Night Songs demos 70m SBD EX-
10/07/86 Largo,MD 45m AUD VG+/VG
05/13/87 Knoxville,TN 55m AUD EX-/VG+ MASTER
Eric Clapton
06/22/85 Cuyahoga Falls,OH 90m SBD EX
07/13/85 Live Aid 15m FM EX MASTER
00/00/92 MTV Unplugged 50m TV EX 1gen
Eric Clapton, Dire Straits & Elton John
06/30/90 Knebworth,UK 45m FM EX MASTER
Slade Cleeves
10/07/97 Nashville,TN 25m FM EX MASTER
David Allan Coe
00/00/00 Nothing Sacred LP 35m MIX EX CDMASTER
Paula Cole
11/11/97 WRLT-FM,Nashville,TN 25m FM EX MASTER
John Coletrane
11/02/61 Village Vangaurd 85m SBD EX
11/28/62 Graz,Austria 40m SBD EX
07/26/65 Antibes,France 50m SBD EX
07/27/65 Antibes,France 65m SBD EX
07/28/65 Paris,France 30m SBD EX
Collective Soul
04/19/95 Lexington,KY 40m AUD EX- MASTER
Ray Condo and the Ricochets
10/28/97 Nashville,TN 25m FM EX DATMASTER
Josie Coon and Her Band
10/14/97 Nashville,TN 25m FM EX DATMASTER
Alice Cooper
00/00/89 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
Dana Cooper
03/11/97 Nashville,TN 20m FM EX/EX- MASTER
Corrosion Of Conformity (C.O.C.)
06/29/95 Milwaukee,WI 85m FM EX/EX-
04/14/97 Nashville,TN 20m AUD EX-/VG+ DATMASTER
08/19/97 San Francisco,CA 75m AUD EX- 1gen
12/22/93 Nagoya,Japan 130m AUD EX- 2gen
10/18/92 Mountain Stage,WV 30m FM EX
The Cranberries
04/16/95 Modern Rock Live 80m FM EX MASTER
Robert Cray
00/00/87 Rockline 25m FM EX MASTER
Creedence Clearwater Revival
08/16/69 Woodstock,NY 30m SBD EX
Peter Criss
00/00/81 Out Of Control LP 40m MIX EX out of print
00/00/82 Let Me Rock You LP 40m MIX EX out of print
11/17/95 Nashville,TN 70m AUD EX MASTER
Sheryl Crow
03/07/95 MTV Unplugged 25m TV EX 1gen
03/13/95 Nashville,TN 115m AUD EX-/VG+ MASTER
02/09/97 Nashville,TN 110m AUD EX-/VG+ DATMASTERRoger Daltry

07/06/92 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
Dangerous Toys
08/11/89 The Ritz,NYC,NY 35m AUD EX-
Jolynn Daniels
09/30/97 Nashville,TN 20m FM EX MASTER
00/00/88 demos 45m MIX EX/EX-
07/07/89 Hollywood,CA 75m FM EX/EX-
12/01/90 Bielefeld,Germany 80m AUD VG+
10/11/92 Paris,France 80m AUD VG+
06/17/94 Middletown,NY 50m AUD EX-/VG+
05/05/95 Charlotte,NC 85m AUD VG+/VG
01/27/97 Norfolk,VA 70m AUD VG 2gen
Terence Trent D'arby
04/30/95 Modern Rock Live 75m FM EX MASTER
Deep Purple
00/00/87 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
05/23/87 Irvine,CA 90m SBD EX
Def Leppard
00/00/79 First Strike demos 35m MIX EX MASTER
06/09/83 Montreal,Quebec 90m AUD EX-
10/09/87 Baltimore,MD 95m AUD EX-
02/05/88 Knoxville,TN 95m AUD VG+ MASTER
Willie Dixon
00/00/82 Montreaux,Switzerland 60m SBD EX
00/00/79 "Back In The Streets" 25m SBD EX unreleased EP
06/06/86 Meadowlands,NJ 45m AUD VG-/G+
11/09/87 Largo,MD 20m AUD EX-
07/09/88 Memphis,TN 65m AUD VG+ MASTER
12/13/94 Redondo Beach,CA 65m CD EX
The Doors
09/02/65 Aura Studio demos 20m MIX EX/EX-
09/01/68 Saratoga,NY 75m SBD EX-/VG+
03/01/69 Miami,FL 40m AUD VG
09/13/69 Toronto,Ontario 60m AUD VG
06/00/70 Vancouver,BC 70m SBD EX-
06/05/70 Seattle,WA 80m SBD EX
00/00/87 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
01/11/93 RnR H.O.F. rehearsal 55m SBD EX/EX-
01/12/93 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame 25m SBD EX
09/29/95 San Francisco,CA 85m AUD EX-/VG+ 4gen
Drain S.T.H.
03/19/97 Nashville,TN 35m AUD EX- DATMASTER
Drivin n Cryin
03/01/93 Hollywood,CA 40m SBD EX 1gen
02/20/97 Nashville,TN 85m AUD EX- DATMASTER
Chris Duarte
05/06/95 Memphis,TN 45m AUD EX 1gen
09/21/95 WRLT-FM,Nashville,TN 10m FM EX 1gen
09/21/95 Nashville,TN 70m AUD EX 1gen
05/23/96 Nashville,TN 90m AUD VG+ MASTER
The Eagles
00/00/73 Central Park,NY 45m AUD EX-/VG+
06/16/73 Berkeley,CA 75m AUD EX-
08/22/74 West Stockbridge,MA 75m AUD EX-
05/15/75 Springfield,MA 90m AUD EX-
05/31/75 Tampa,FL 90m AUD EX-/VG
01/00/76 Sydney,Australia 50m SBD EX-
02/02/76 Osaka,Japan 120m AUD EX/EX-
05/18/77 Gothenburg,Sweden 90m AUD VG+
06/28/77 Knoxville,TN 105m AUD VG-
09/21/79 Boston,MA 85m AUD EX-
03/04/80 Inglewood,CA 90m AUD EX-
04/25-26/94 Burbank,CA(Hell Freezes Over) 90m TV EX 1gen
06/08/94 Mt. View,CA 155m AUD EX
06/11/94 Mt. View,CA 160m AUD EX-/VG+
07/05/94 St. Louis,MO 120m AUD EX-
08/15/94 Pittsburgh,PA 160m AUD VG+
08/24/94 Meadowlands,NJ 155m AUD EX-
08/24/94 Meadowlands,NJ 170m SBD EX
Steve Earle, Stacy Earle, Keith Sewell & Malcom Holcomb
07/16/97 Nashville,TN 85m AUD EX- DATMASTER
Steve Earle
00/00/00 Zurich,Switzerland 45m SBD EX-
1983-86 demos 90m SBD EX-
08/15/86 Parkwest 45m SBD EX-
00/00/87 Atlanta,GA 75m AUD EX/EX-
03/27/87 BBC 35m SBD EX-
08/01/87 Buffalo,NY 90m AUD EX-/VG+
12/18/87 McCabe's Guitar Shop 90m AUD VG+/VG
02/05/88 Kingston,Ontario 90m EX- AUD
10/23/93 Nashville,TN 90m AUD VG+
11/29/95 Knoxville,TN 110m AUD EX- MASTER
12/01/95 Nashville,TN 135m AUD EX- MASTER
04/08/96 Nashville,TN 140m AUD EX- MASTER
04/11/96 Knoxville,TN 140m AUD EX- MASTER
09/21/96 Nashville,TN 85m AUD EX
07/08/97 Nashville,TN 55m AUD EX- DATMASTER
07/08/97 Nashville,TN 50m FM EX DATMASTER
Electric Hellfire Club
07/03/97 Nashville,TN 45m AUD EX/EX- DATMASTER
Electromagnets (Eric Johnson's early band)
10/16/75 Chapel Hill,NC 45m SBD EX-
04/25/76 Raleigh,NC 45m SBD EX/EX-
Eruption (Van Halen tribute band)
03/09/95 Knoxville,TN 125m AUD EX/EX- MASTER
Mark Erwin Band
10/14/97 Nashville,TN 25m FM EX DATMASTER
Melissa Etheridge
05/04/92 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
11/14/95 Nashville,TN 70m AUD EX- MASTER
07/06/96 Milwaukee,WI 70m FM EX-
Every Mother's Nightmare
06/27/90 Boston,MA 45m AUD EX-/VG+
12/19/90 Boston,MA 60m AUD EX-/VG+
'90 or '91 Live on Z-Rock 50m FM EX-
01/30/93 Knoxville,TN 75m AUD VG+ MASTER
09/02/93 Knoxville,TN 70m AUD VG+ MASTER
12/08/93 Nashville,TN 85m AUD VG+ MASTER
12/16/94 Knoxville,TN 95m AUD VG MASTER
02/04/95 Nashville,TN 35m AUD EX-/VG+ MASTER
03/11/95 Nashville,TN 55m AUD EX- MASTER
12/09/95 Knoxville,TN 55m AUD EX- MASTER
06/08/96 Murfreesboro,TN 95m AUD VG+/EX- MASTER
Faith No More
07/18/92 Giants Stadium,NJ 45m AUD EX-/VG+
06/05/93 Hamburg,Germany 80m AUD EX-
Faster Pussycat
08/21/87 Oakland,CA 25m AUD VG
03/26/93 Hollywood,CA 95m AUD VG+/EX-
The Firm
00/00/86 Cleveland,OH 75m FM EX MASTER
Fleming & John
05/03/96 Murfreesboro,TN 75m AUD VG+ MASTER
06/22/96 Murfreesboro,TN 95m AUD EX- MASTER
Rosie Flores
10/14/97 Nashville,TN 30m FM EX DATMASTER
Foamfoot (featuring members of The Black Crowes)
00/00/94 Los Angeles,CA 80m SBD EX
Foo Fighters
10/17-22/94 demos 60m MIX EX
04/20/95 Nashville,TN 40m AUD EX- MASTER
07/28/95 Los Angeles,CA 70m AUD EX-
05/04/96 Irvine,CA 80m AUD EX-/VG+
Robben Ford and The Blue Line
06/20/96 Nashville,TN 80m AUD EX MASTER
Ace Frehley
03/03/85 Westside,PA 75m AUD EX-
08/24/87 Rockline 30m FM EX MASTER
09/11/87 Providence,RI 75m AUD EX-
11/17/95 Nashville,TN 110m AUD EX MASTER
Jeffrey Gaines
08/31/94 Nashville,TN 65m FM EX- MASTER
00/00/84 England 85m FM EX MASTER
Goo Goo Dolls
04/02/95 Modern Rock Live 35m FM EX MASTER
Gov't Mule
08/30/97 San Francisco,CA 165m AUD EX 1gen
Lou Graham
00/00/87 RKO Studios,NYC 60m FM EX- MASTER
Gravity Kills
08/04/96 Memphis,TN 30m AUD EX/EX- MASTER
Great White
03/12/88 Knoxville,TN 50m AUD EX MASTER
09/17/89 Knoxville,TN 70m AUD EX-/VG+ MASTER
Green River (some guys from Pearl Jam pre-PJ)
00/00/85 Come On Down EP 30m MIX EX
00/00/87 Dry As A Bone EP 30m MIX EX
00/00/88 Rehab Doll LP 30m MIX EX
Guns N Roses
00/00/00 Axl Rose pre-GNR demos 45m SBD EX-
00/00/86 demos 90m SBD EX/EX-
03/00/86 Hollywood,CA 65m AUD VG
08/17/87 Toronto,Ontario 45m AUD EX-
10/30/87 CBGB's,NYC,NY 30m AUD EX-
11/17/87 Knoxville,TN 50m AUD VG+/EX- MASTER
11/20/87 Atlanta,GA 40m AUD VG+
12/18/87 Chicago,IL 45m AUD VG+
12/27/87 Pasadena,CA 90m SBD EX-
02/02/88 The Ritz,NYC,NY 65m AUD EX-/VG+
02/05/88 San Francisco,CA 75m AUD EX-
05/09/88 Felt Forum,NYC 105m AUD EX-
07/11/88 Rockline 30m FM EX MASTER
08/07/88 Middletown,NY 45m AUD EX-
08/20/88 Castle Donnington,UK 45m AUD EX-
04/07/90 Farm Aid 15m AUD EX/EX-
1990-91 demos 75m SBD EX/EX-
00/00/91 UYI world-premier 150m FM EX MASTER
05/28/91 Noblesville,IN 130m SBD EX/EX-
08/03/91 Los Angeles,CA 220m AUD VG+
08/08/92 Montreal,Quebec 55m AUD VG-
Guns N Roses & Metallica
07/13/92 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
Buddy Guy
05/26/84 Austin,TX 85m AUD EX-/VG+
04/07/85 Kansas City,MO 90m SBD EX-
12/11/89 Chicago,IL 55m SBD EX/EX-
07/03/97 Nashville,TN 95m AUD EX- DATMASTER
Sammy Hagar
06/02/83 Nashville,TN 80m FM VG+
Dean Hall and The Loose Eels
04/12/95 Murfreesboro,TN 40m AUD EX- MASTER
05/10/95 Murfreesboro,TN 160m AUD EX-/EX MASTER
The Hang Dogs
03/11/97 Nashville,TN 25m FM EX/EX- 1gen
Hannover F.I.S.T.
12/16/94 Knoxville,TN 65m AUD VG MASTER
Hard Knox
08/29/87 Knoxville,TN 35m AUD EX-/VG+ MASTER
Ben Harper
05/07/96 Nashville,TN 115m AUD EX- MASTER
00/00/87 Portland,OR 70m FM EX- MASTER
00/00/87 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
11/04/87 Knoxville,TN 80m AUD EX-/VG+ MASTER
Eric Heatherly
03/11/97 Nashville,TN 25m FM EX/EX- MASTER
Jimi Hendrix
00/00/00 various songs/dates 100m SBD EX/EX-
00/00/00 studio sessions 45m SBD EX
09/05/67 Stokholm,Sweden 35m SBD EX
03/13/68 Scene Club,NY 75m SBD EX/EX-
03/19/68 Ottowa,Ontario 60m SBD EX
10/10/68 Winterland,SF,CA 60m SBD EX- 1st show
10/10/68 Winterland,SF,CA 70m SBD EX 2nd show
10/11/68 Winterland,SF,CA 40m SBD EX
04/26/69 Los Angeles,CA 70m SBD EX
01/01/70 Fillmore East,NYC,NY 75m SBD EX/EX- 2nd show
Don Henley
00/00/91 MTV Unplugged 20m TV EX
03/30/92 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
High Noon
03/18/97 Nashville,TN 20m FM EX/VG+ 1gen
Gary Hoey
12/29/93 San Francisco,CA 45m AUD EX/EX- 2gen
00/00/91 California 15m
00/00/94 Europe 45m
10/29/94 New Orleans,LA 15m
John Lee Hooker
00/00/76 Chicago,IL 45m SBD EX
04/04/79 Colden,NY 80m SBD EX
The Hooters
09/01/87 Knoxville,TN 45m AUD EX- MASTER
Hotter Than Hell (KISS tribute band)
04/26/96 Murfreesboro,TN 115m AUD VG+ MASTER
04/02/95 Nashville,TN 30m AUD EX MASTER
Ice Cube
02/08/92 Chicago,IL 50m AUD EX-
Billy Idol
00/00/87 Rockline 45m FM EX MASTER
00/00/87 San Francisco,CA 60m FM EX MASTER
07/12/93 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
Jack Ingram
04/01/97 Nashville,TN 100m AUD EX-/VG+ DATMASTER
Iron Maiden
00/00/80 Soundhouse Tapes 20m SBD EX-/VG+
10/08/86 Bristol,England 115m AUD EX-
00/00/00 C.Records bonus discs 215m SBD EX CDMASTER
(Castle Records re-released the Iron Maiden catalog, remastered and with bonus discs containing the B-sides released with each respective album, this is the collection of B-sides from those 10 discs; contains live and non-album studio tracks; also contains the import EP "Maiden Japan".)
05/31/93 Rockline 35m FM EX MASTER
10/10/94 Jesse/WKDF-FM Nashville,TN 30m FM EX MASTER
1/31-2/2/95 Jesse/WKDF-FM Nash.,TN 115m FM EX/VG+ MASTER
Jane's Addiction
03/19/89 Seattle,WA 75m SBD EX-
Jason and The Scorchers
10/31/85 Knoxville,TN 45m AUD VG+/VG 1gen
05/18/95 Nashville,TN 85m AUD VG+ MASTER
09/30/95 Murfreesboro,TN 95m AUD EX- MASTER
03/06/97 Murfreesboro,TN 85m AUD VG+ MASTER
05/01/97 Nashville,TN 75m AUD EX- DATMASTER
11/08/97 Nashville,TN 110m AUD EX/EX- DATMASTER
Eric Johnson
00/00/84 Tones demos 30m SBD EX/EX-
00/00/89 Charleston,SC 85m SBD EX/EX-
00/00/86 Philadelphia,PA 50m FM EX MASTER
Judas Priest
08/22/75 Reading Festival,UK 45m FM EX/EX-
00/00/78 Palladium,NYC,NY 45m FM EX/EX-
09/28/92 San Antonio,TX 45m FM EX-/VG+
05/05/84 Long Beach,CA 90m FM EX
08/21/88 Largo,MD 85m AUD VG-
Richard Julian
07/15/97 Nashville,TN 25m AUD EX/EX- DATMASTER
Kingdom Come
07/09/88 Memphis,TN 40m AUD VG MASTER
B.B. King
01/15/91 Japan 60m SBD EX
King's X
05/23/91 Austin,TX 60m FM EX
03/26/94 Murfreesboro,TN 55m AUD EX- 1gen
08/12/94 Saugerties,NY 45m SBD EX 3gen
Sam Kinison
00/00/89 Rockline 45m FM EX MASTER
00/00/72 Wicked Lester LP 30m MIX EX
06/12/73 Electric Ladyland Studios,NY 35m MIX EX
12/31/73 NYC,NY 35m AUD VG-
04/18/74 Memphis,TN 45m FM EX-/VG+
07/00/74 Washington,DC 45m AUD VG+
03/29/75 Cleveland,OH 45m AUD EX-/VG+
07/05/75 Long Beach,CA 40m AUD VG+
01/00/76 Destroyer demos 45m MIX EX/EX-
09/09/80 Wembley,UK 90m AUD EX-
00/00/83 Lick It Up sessions 120m SBD VG+
12/28/85 Charlotte,NC 90m SBD EX
1977-88 demos & outtakes 45m SBD EX/EX-
01/02/88 Knoxville,TN 85m AUD VG- MASTER
08/12/88 The Ritz,NYC,NY 90m FM EX
04/23/92 San Francisco,CA 100m AUD EX/EX-
06/15/92 Rockline 70m FM EX MASTER
09/11/93 Burbank,CA 45m AUD VG- 2gen
07/30/94 Nashville,TN 80m AUD EX/EX- 1gen
00/00/95 KISS Of Death: Death Metal tribute CD 35m MIX EX CDMASTER
01/30/95 Tokyo,Japan 115m AUD VG+/EX-
01/31/95 Tokyo,Japan 115m AUD VG+
02/12/95 Sydney,Australia 90m AUD EX-
07/09/95 Nashville,TN 125m AUD EX 1gen
06/15/96 Irvine,CA 65mAUD EX-/VG+
06/28/96 Detroit,MI 135m AUD VG+
07/14/96 Chicago,IL 120m AUD VG
09/29/96 Knoxville,TN 125m AUD EX-/VG+ MASTER
04/06/97 Nashville,TN 125m AUD EX/EX- DATMASTER
00/00/89 Asbury Park,NJ 25m FM EX MASTER
04/22/94 Murfreesboro,TN 50m AUD EX- MASTER
KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas
12/12/93 Univ. Amp.,LA,CA 150m FM EX- 1gen
(includes sets by Blind Melon,Smashing Pumpkins, US-3, Bad Religion, General Public, Cracker, Porno For Pyros, and Primus)
12/11/94 Univ. Amp.,LA,CA 180m FM EX 1gen
(includes sets by The Black Crowes, Sheryl Crow, The Cranberries, Weezer, Candlebox, Live, Mazzy Star, Dinosaur Jr., and Liz Phair)
L.A. Guns
02/26/95 Nashville,TN 55m AUD EX- MASTER
04/19/96 Murfreesboro,TN 75m AUD EX/EX- MASTER
04/25/97 Ft. Lauderdale,FL 95m AUD EX- 2gen + inter.
Johnny Lang
05/22/97 Nashville,TN 120m AUD EX/EX- DATMASTER
Bernie Leadon (former Eagle & Flying Burrito Brothers)
02/19/95 WRLT-FM,Nash.,TN 55m FM EX MASTER
Led Zeppelin
10/15/68 Surrey,UK 15m AUD VG
10/18/68 London,England 45m AUD VG
10/00/68 Led Zeppelin I outtakes 30m SBD EX-
00/00/69 Moby Dick outtake 10m SBD EX
04/24/69 San Francisco,CA 60m SBD EX 2gen
06/23/69 London,Eng.(BBC) 15m SBD EX/EX-
06/27/69 London,Eng.(BBC) 55m SBD EX
07/21/69 Central Park,NY 65m AUD VG
07/25/69 West Allis,WI 55m AUD EX-
08/31/69 Dallas,TX 65m AUD VG
10/30/69 Buffalo,NY 35m AUD VG+/EX-
11/00/69 Jennings Farm Blues 25m SBD EX
02/28/70 Copenhagen,Denmark 90m AUD EX-/VG+
03/21/70 Vancouver,BC 40m FM EX
04/07/70 Raleigh,NC 90m AUD VG/VG+
04/17/70 Memphis,TN 135m AUD VG/VG+
05/00/70 3rd LP rehearsals 105m AUD EX-
09/04/70 Los Angeles,CA 135m AUD EX-
1970-71 4th LP rehearsals 45m AUD EX-
00/00/71 B. Of Evermore outtake 10m SBD EX/EX-
03/25/71 Paris Theatre,London 110m FM EX 2gen
09/14/71 Berkeley,CA 95m AUD VG+/EX-
02/20/72 Melbourne,Australia 50m AUD VG+
03/00/72 Bombay Orch. outtakes 45m SBD EX-
06/00/72 No Quarter outtakes 15m SBD EX
06/18/72 Seattle,WA 45m AUD EX-/VG+
01/07/73 Oxford,UK 90m AUD EX
01/14/73 Liverpool,England 30m SBD EX-/VG+
01/27/73 Dundee,Scotland 20m SBD EX-/VG+
05/13/73 Mobile,AL 110m SBD EX
05/18/73 Dallas,TX 90m SBD EX/EX-
06/03/73 Los Angeles,CA 90m AUD EX-/VG+
07/06/73 Chicago,IL-soundcheck 55m SBD EX
00/00/74 Phys. Graf. rehearsals 65m AUD EX/EX-
02/12/75 M.S.G.,NYC,NY 175m AUD EX 2gen
03/04/75 Dallas,TX 90m SBD EX-
03/21/75 Seattle,WA 220m AUD EX-/VG 2 sources
03/27/75 Los Angeles,CA 210m AUD EX 3gen
05/23/75 Earl's Court,London 205m AUD EX-
04/27/77 Cleveland,OH 160m SBD EX
05/22/77 Fort Worth,TX 35m AUD VG+
06/03/77 Tampa,FL 20m AUD VG
06/11/77 M.S.G.,NYC,NY 25m SBD EX-
06/25/77 Los Angeles,CA 205m AUD EX/EX-
11-12/77 All Of My Love outtake 10m SBD EX
00/00/78 ITTOD rehearsals 60m SBD EX/EX-
05/00/80 London,England-rehearsal 40m SBD EX-
06/29/80 Zurich,Switzerland 115m SBD EX
07/07/80 Berlin,Germany 145m SBD EX
00/00/82 Coda rough mixes 15m SBD EX-
07/13/85 Philadelphia,PA 25m FM EX Live Aid
05/14/88 NYC,NY 35m SBD EX/EX- Atlantic's 40th
01/12/95 RnR Hall Of Fame 20m SBD EX
Huey Lewis
00/00/87 Portland,OR 80m FM VG+ MASTER
Life Of Agony
08/06/96 Nashville,TN 40m AUD EX-
Lonesome Bob
10/07/97 Nashville,TN 35m FM EX MASTER
Los Straightjackets
05/01/97 Nashville,TN 45m AUD EX DATMASTER opening
05/01/97 Nashville,TN 80m AUD EX DATMASTER headlining
08/18/87 Knoxville,TN 45m AUD EX- MASTER
George Lynch
00/00/81 demo 10m SBD EX-
Lynyrd Skinhead (Zakk Wylde)
11/10/91 Hollywood,CA 170m AUD EX-/VG+
01/07/93 Hollywood,CA 90m AUD EX-/VG+
Lynyrd Skynyrd
00/00/87 Nashville,TN 40m FM EX MASTER
02/19/93 Atlanta,GA 140m FM EX MASTER
Yngwie Malmsteen
11/09/85 Knoxville,TN 45m AUD VG+
11/15/85 Nashville,TN 45m AUD VG+
05/31/88 Lubbock,TX 90m AUD VG/VG-
06/03/88 Dallas,TX 85m AUD VG+
Man Or Astroman?
06/07/97 Nashville,TN 60m AUD EX- DATMASTER
Bob Marley and the Wailers
06/10/75 Chicago,IL 60m SBD EX
05/26/76 The Roxy,LA,CA 85m SBD EX
05/11/78 Miami,FL 75m SBD EX-
Edwin McCain
04/24/97 WRLT-FM interview + live 20m FM EX- DATMASTER
04/24/97 Nashville,TN 60m FM EX DATMASTER
09/22/92 Paris,France 90m AUD EX-
Meliah Rage
00/00/89 Detroit,MI 25m FM EX MASTER
John Mellencamp
03/00/88 Dallas,TX 30m FM EX MASTER
01/08/92 Atlanta,GA 115m AUD EX
08/00/92 MTV Unplugged 50m TV EX
00/00/93 Chicago,IL 65m FM EX MASTER
08/22/94 Pittsburgh,PA 95m AUD EX-
00/00/81 Killing Time demo 15m SBD EX-
00/00/81 Hit The Lights demo 5m SBD VG+
00/00/82 demo 20m SBD EX-
00/00/82 Jump In The Fire rehearsal 5m AUD VG/VG+
07/06/82 No Life Till Leather 40m SBD EX-
'82-'83 Tales From The Cliff 70m SBD EX- CDMASTER
00/00/83 Kill Em All Outtakes 10m SBD VG+
00/00/83 No Remorse demo 10m SBD EX/EX-
09/00/83 Ride The Lightning demos 20m SBD EX-/VG+
12/12/84 Stokholm,Sweden 80m AUD EX-
12/20/84 London,England 45m SBD EX-
00/00/85 Battery rough mix 5m SBD VG+
01/12/85 WYSP-FM,Interview 25m FM VG/VG+
0/05/85 Madison,WI 45m SBD VG
03/15/85 San Francisco,CA 60m SBD EX-
11/00/85 M. Of Puppets demos 25m SBD EX-
)02/13/87 Gothenberg,Sweden 75m SBD EX
00/00/87 Garage Days Re-Rev. demos 30m SBD EX-
00/00/87 Garage Days Re-Rev. 25m MIXEX MASTER
)8/20/87 London,England 85m AUD VG+/EX-
00/00/88 A.J.F.All outtakes 20m SBD VG+
00/00/88 A.J.F.All rough mix 70m SBD EX
07/09/88 Memphis,TN 65m AUD VG+/VG MASTER
11/22/88 Milwaukee,WI 85m AUD EX
01/11/89 Knoxville,TN 115m AUD VG+ MASTER
02/05/89 Dallas,TX 90m FM EX/EX- 3gen
00/00/90 METALLICA demos 30m SBD EX
08/13/90 demo 25m SBD EX-/VG+
10/04/90 demo 15m SBD EX-/VG+
01/18/92 New Orleans,LA 150m AUD EX/EX-
03/07/92 Knoxville,TN 170m AUD EX- MASTER
08/08/92 Montreal,Quebec 80m AUD VG+/VG
1988-93 rare,b-sides,live 45m MIX EX
05/28/93 Copenhagen,Denmark 45m SBD EX
06/01/94 Holmdel,NJ-bkstg talk 20m AUD VG-
06/08/94 Jones Beach,NY-bkstg talk 10m AUD VG-
06/17/94 Middletown,NY 130m AUD VG+
07/01/94 Milwaukee,WI 125m SBD EX-
08/13/94 Saugerties,NY 100m SBD EX-
08/13/94 Saugerties,NY 100m SBD EX CDMASTER
'82-'95 Garage Days 2 75m AUD/SBD EX-/VG CDMASTER
08/26/95 Castle Donnington,UK 150m AUD EX-/VG+
12/14/95 Hollywood,CA 35m AUD VG
1982-95 Garage Days 2 75m AUD/SBD EX-/VG
06/04/96 Sacramento,CA 40m AUD EX-/VG+
06/05/96 San Jose,CA 40m AUD EX-/VG+
06/10/96 San Francisco,CA 95m AUD EX/EX- 1gen
07/21/96 Newport,TN 100m AUD EX- MASTER
02/01/97 Memphis,TN 135m AUD EX-/VG+ DATMASTER
02/09/97 Chicago,IL 155m AUD EX- 2gen
02/19/97 Cleveland,OH 35m FM EX
04/14/97 Nashville,TN 140m AUD EX- DATMASTER



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