Diane's Dark Nails Dungeon of Toe Nail Worship and High Heel Domination

This is the greatest Video about Men With Long Toenails I have ever seen!!.I Love it It's Fantastic.Hey you Guys ,You want a woman or some one to really love and desire you? Do What this guy did.He Grew His Toenails Long!

Web Site Has been Updated....11 Jan 2008

Photo Album
I Made Purdy Faller Film Me, and So Has Arnetta Nails, We love Dominating and Clawing him with Our Long Toenails,Watch the video from Miss Arnetta Nails You Tube Page

Welcome to my Lair of Pictures of my Dangerous Dark Toenails. I let them grow until they begin to resemble Claws. They are hard, strong, very dark in color and very useful. I will also be exposing my shoe collection. You will like them. You will also love My Dark Toenails. Some people think they are UGLY, but. You be the Judge OK!

"NEW"......."THE QUEEN"

Photo Section for Clawing Classes

Just Added "Clawing Video for 2005 New

Watch and You will Learn and Fear !

This is What I like to do to all who do not obey me!

"LATEST UPDATE" 24 Dec 2005"


I have been growing and breaking my toenails as usual. Now I will add some pictures for a new start.

I will once again be in a new Chamber of Dark Nails. They grow very very fast and thick. I do have clippings availible for purchase. Please E mail either Me at:


"I have to Appologize for not keeping My Toe Nail Dungeon Updated.I have been Growing My Claws, That's What they have become,CLAWS!. I can no longer call them Toenails. That Word Toenails is NOT as powerful and Feared as" CLAWS".As you will see in the "NEW SECTION", "THE QUEEN"!.You will see yourself just what I mean. They have all , at different periods grown so wild and long that they have all at different occasions and for month to almost a year,GROWN PAST THE BOTTOM ON EACH TOE!

I plan to also link some of my friends Toenail, Fingernail, and Sexy Shoe pages on this site.All for your personal enjoyment.I have been training my Main toenail admirer to wear tight women's clothes in my presence. He has to pick out a pair of shoes for me to Permit him to wear in my DUNGEON of DARK NAILS.He then must MODEL for me in all of his (My) shoes and outfits he is made to bring with him to my DOMAIN.

He then must film my feet,shoes,walks,and MOST of ALL,My "DARK PREHISTORIC LOOKING TOENAILS".To me they look like Dinosaures Claws.They each have a purpose and a name.The two Pinkey toenails(CLAWS) are "THE QUEENS".I will stop there. Please do not get tired of my pictures.I will have my servant Work on This page soon.Guess who my First Student and Best subject is...........it's(Shema Nails!!!!!) Yes,I am the one who helped Shema Nails become who she is.I am the only female who Shema will dress up with and Go out to play with.Especially on Halloween! I took her videos and pics.(SMILE).I must be good!

"Now here is a preview of My Longest Toe Nail Ever!"THE QUEEN"!

I Have recently cut off all my toenails(May 7th 2004), I will be advising my webslave to add some pictures from my video C.D. and keep the page going strong as my Toenails start their New Growth

Love You All

Dark Nailed Diane

Remember, I want you men to wear High Heels in my presence!

"Here are The New Domination Pictures From My Dungeon Videos"

"My Sexy Shoes Hide My Long Toenails

"My Sexy Shoes Hide My Long Toenails

Remember, Heels!Sexy High Heels in my presence!

"My Long Toenails

"My Sexy Long Nails"

Claws to Rip You Up,Just BeClaws!

"My Nails can tear you apart!"

"Men and Women Love My Nails"

"They are also Afraid of Them and My Wicked Toenails!"

"I love when Men want to wear my shoes!"

"I feel great when My toenails grow wild!"

"My Sexy Shoes Hide My Long Toenails

I am in the process of getting some more Videos added to my page. I have had some request for them. These will show me and my servant wearing high heels and stockings and getting Clawed by My Dangerous Wicked Long Toenails and my Fingernails!

Well, here are some new pictures from my videos for you to see me having a good time in my High heels, with my slave , and using My Claws and Toenails on him!

I want you to wear stuff like this for me!

I am in Control! So, PUT ON THOSE Bitches Clothes!

"Men Obey My Toenails, High heels, and Claws!"

I Love To be Wicked and dominating!those Love Nails!

Love those Love Nails!

Love those Heels and Nails! And So will you!

I had My Friend Dress Up Halloween By these Nails!

"I wear Size 9 1/2 Sexy Shoes!

I can even Control Women with My Sexy Black Spike Heels!

What do these nails do to you?

There's More pictures To Come !

Check out "Wild Women With Nails Page!

"Watch out For Toe Nails Like This One!"

I also have been spending time in the Chamber doing video work on my Toe Nails and My Sexy Dominating High Heel Shoes. I have all on my Attendees Dress up in Women's Stockings, and High Heels of My Choice. I do allow them to leave their Shoes in My House so there will NEVER be an Excuse for NOT having their Shoes I DEMAND them ALL to wear in My Dungeon. I also have many Vidoes of My Toe Nails and Men Wearing High Heels and being Subserviant to My Toe Nail.E Mail Me for More information.

Required Shoes Must Be Sturdy,Chunky and Strong

Required Shoes Must Be Sturdy,Chunky and Strong

Required Leopard Suit For Night Walking Domination


"Looks Just Like A Claw From an Eagle!


"She is Very Hard Also!"


"Take A Good Look at This ToeNail.... Un Real!"


"Here are The Fingernails I love to Wear and Scratch like a Cat With!"

"Soaking My Hard Toenails "She will Tear into Your Flesh and Will Not Break!


"Take A Look At The Right Foot, They Also Become Claws!"


"Would 'nt You Love to Be Dominated By These Toe Nails!"


"You Will Obey Them! Or, They will Tear into Your Face!"


"I would Love To Dig These Nails Into Your Face!"

"I Hope You Love the New Additions ........More To CUM! So, Don't Fantasize too much!"

"Love Always, Diane!"

This is how wild I get!

Dark nails and "Hooker Type" Heels.I Love it!

Wish you could wear my shoes?

"Please sign my guest book."

"I want you all to be admirers of my page. I am only able to grow Toenails. My fingernails don't really get long. I will show you them Sometimes they do grow but.......you will see."

Love those Love Nails!

Love those Love Nails!

Love those Love Nails!

Makes me feel like a Wild Cat Woman!

Gotto Have those Claws!

You should see how I Dominate Men with These Nails!

I love when I see men wearing High Heels, growing long Toe and Fingernails, and doing their best to have sexy feet Like women do. I can help You!

Below you will see some men who do exactly what I like to see a Man do.

Meet Jos from Amsterdam,Chad from Calif,Steve"Jaynails32",Herbii, and Other Real Men that have Long nails, know how to use then, and some wear Heels.

Especially In High Heels Like I love To Wear!

Remember, I want you men to wear High Heels in my presence!

Meet A High Heel Master with Long Curved Clawlike Toenails. His name is Jos. He will reply to your E mails. I love his toenails and Style of High Heels

Email: jos.rem@planet.nl

Jos Yahoo Profile


The Master of Men With Long Toenails Herbii!

I am so turned on by men who act like these do. Very Proud of they Nails.

Yes Chad Nice!

Chad has posted his e mail address below and on the Photo Album for you to contact him.

E Mail: chadinylon@yahoo.com

Email: chadinylon@yahoo.com

Email: meninheels@lycos.com

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