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nothing. just a blank link, not a webpage dedicated to world conquest and certainly of no interest to the cia, the international communist party or the vatican
my first lesbiaan experience (a funny summer camp story)
my first period
what i saw megan doing under the bleeeechers with jimmy!!!!!!!!!
pichtures of my hampster
me playing mi picccolo
sign my pitition: sainthood fer leo!!!
kate winslet jezebel death shrine
lern how to luv yerself!!!
my first period

hi, my name is tiffany ambers and i am 14 yrs ld!^_^ i live in greenbay, wisconsin:) here is some cool stuff about me!!:)^_^:)(: i have three sisters (their tripplets) and a brother.:):):):) i have a hamster named CODE ALPHA-X (NOTE: NOT A SECRET CODE WORD KNOWN ONLY TO THE PARTICIPENTS IN SUM NONEXXISTANT LEAGUE FOR WORLD DOMINATION, SO JUST POOT THAT THOGHT RITE OUT OV YOUR HEAD). my favorite subject is music (because i'm going to be a piccolo player wen i grow up) but i also like aalgebra because CARLOS LIFFER sits behind me!! he's soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):}:]:0:)(:(:(::)but i'm sad..he say s i'm fat kasee:(..gud bye chocolate...goodby spaghetthi..goodbye hotdogs..goodbye carlos.ummmm, whatever!!!!!!!! i know leo wouldn't say anything icky mean like that!! i think leonardo dicaprio is the hotest babe ever!!!! He's creamy dreamy! sometimes i wish that i was kate winslet..i wish leo would take me instead of that harlot. kate winslet is a fat, ugly bitch and i wish she was dead. i heard that she was a slut and did all the guys on her high school football dream so now she's got herpes and gonnorea and syphallus, two!!!:):):):):):)^_^^_^^_^^_^_^_^_^^_^v^v^v^v^:}:}:}:>:]she doesn't really like leo..she just pretended to in the movie and i think that doesn't pay respect to the real people that dies in the titanic. if they wanted to really respectthose people they should put someone who like leo like me in the movie!! i know she doesn't really like leo because she is a necrophiliac..she like sto blow ded guys....i heard it on E! leo deserves sooo much better than that wormy strumpet..i mean after all she killed her mom in heavenly creatures (icky movie!!:(:(:()i would never do that unless she made me really mad!!!!!!!!!..she is so rank!! i bet she puls the wings off of buterflies and and if leo was mine i would be so good to him...i wuld keep him in my attic and pleasure him all day and always change his cage and make sure he is always happy:):):):) i think strumpet kate should get together with carlos and the two of them should burn in the unquenchable flames of hell, forever denied relief or peace for..i hope that carlos dies of cooties...wen i'm don the streets will run red with their blood!!!!*_*_*_*_*_*___***_*_**_**_**_*ooo it makes me so mad!!!:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:():*_* i like other stuff, too!!! i think cooking is neat!!! my friends and i made some coolio drinks in home ec!!! here they are:

tiffany's super tasty happy drinks!!!

fake orgasm

1)5 oz. mint schnopps
2)1/2 cup minced scallions
3)3 ml coral snake venom
4)0.04 mg low-grade cyanide
5)4 cc prozac

guatamalen regurgitator

1)3 jiggers diet coke
2)2 jiggers honey
3)4 jiggers rum
4)12 jiggers Ny-quil cherry flavor
5)6 jiggers DDT

premature ejaculation

1)4 chewable flintstones vitamins
2)5 marachino cherries
3)16 oz. ether

NEWEST!!! little tiffany gets a real happy fan

Hi, Tiffany!

If you think you don't know me, you can really be sure about that. There's a few people who I admire, and you are one of them. Exactly by this, I'd like to be your friend. I know what you're thinking about the fact that maybe we'll never meet each other, and I know, you're a star and you've a lot of things to do. Well, although I'm just another dot in the landscape :-) I've a lot of things to do too, but those things only give me one certainty, that I could be a good friend if you want. Believe me, I'm do very, very, very far from you and by no way I would interfere in your life. I think I forgetting to tell you more things about me. I'm 26 years old man, and I think that I've something to learn with you and perhaps you've something to learn with me, too.

Be happy, and have a nice trip in the spaceship earth! Well, I've to go now. If it's possible, answer me. By...

Slimy Leon

isn't that kewl?:):)):):):):):):):):))))::::)

i wrote back to leon and asked how he found mi page. and he said:)

Maybe I'm a smart lucky dot. :-) Well, everything started when I found a picture of you in a site that I don't remember the name, then something started in my mind... "I've lot of friends here where I'm living, but, why in my all life I couldn't know this girl? Why in my all life I couldn't only exchange two words with her? After all, We both are alive, although We're deep far on planet earth, We are alive...and then I thought it's a good idea to exchange my two words with you."

Well, that is the history...I hope I don't hindering you and if you want to talk to me I'll be ever here.


i thowt he was i wrote him another letter. he said:):):):)

-Well, let's go to the first. Why Do I admire you so much? It's not so hard to answer. I admire those people which their eyes I know have the capability to see, deep, and far. You're admirable! -The third. Which of your web sites did I get your address? As I said I was in a web site where I found several pictures of you, but there wasn't your e-mail address there, then I went to the "Outlook Express" and started a search wich returned this address to me. -and the fourth. am I not a little old? :-D (hahahaha...) Well, I see the things this way. I am 26 years old now and I think our generation have in the maximum more 80 years with very much luck, over the planet earth. I don't know about you, but I think the reason why the human race exist is that God think We have to learn, and I learn with all things, single things, the wind, the sea, my dogs, my friends, my enemies, my girlfriend, time, space; finally, everything teach me something. The fact that I'm talkking to you, for example, is teaching me something. I've another friends around the world, too, and I like so much to exchange experiences with them, most of them are around my age as you, and I know the things is hard to our generation, but I think the information is the secret, to talk is still the great remedy.

Be happy Tiffani, I'll be always here if you want a friend.

Slimy Leon

some stoopid tards also rote me a letter:(:(:(:(:(:(v_vv_v >:(>:{>:I

Perhaps you should give up your web site and pay more attention in school and learn how to SPELL!!!!!!! You're 14 years old for God's sake! Help stamp out illiteracy!

but ya know wat? i don't care wat they say cause theyre stupid. i dont know why some people have to be so mean:( it makes me sad
i just got a kewlio award!!!! aint it kewl?!?!

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and thats me!!! i m da kewlest!!!!!