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Welcome to Keely Taylor's Poetry Page  

Poetry 1

If you want something go get it
don't wait for it to be handed to you.
If you go get it you shall get an E-fort
even if u do fail.
They say it's the chase that keeps you
going, not the catch.
Don't let anyone make u feel like
u don't deserve what u want.
Maybe if they don't deserve what
they have.
Don't always talk , don't always
Listen, the most
& talk some.
Don't set goals u've already reached,
wish on shooting stars of promises
u can keep.
All in all if u are sad cry, if u are
mad, get angry.
If you don't know then u are in a
state of confusion.
The only way to win and not
really be loosing.
Is to give it to the lord and he'll do
all the moving.

*Keely Taylor*