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by Carl Worden (

Ladies & Gentlemen: Here is another case of "Dynamic Entry" gone awry. Law enforcement officers are routinely using this means of "entry" to affect arrest warrants, with many tragic consequences. The use of dynamic entry was once restricted to the apprehension of proven, dangerous criminals, and we all applauded.

Now, this method of arrest is used indiscriminately, and without regard to consequence to innocent bystanders in a home environment. Many times, this abuse of power is exercised to arrest non-violent, white collar suspects.

The reason these police officers are using this method is a mixture of pure cowardice and false machismo. There was no reason these cops could not have apprehended the suspect outside the home, and without seriously injuring an innocent mother trying to restrain her terrified child from bolting. I am disgusted!!!

Unless and until all of us send these accounts of brutality to our legislators, nothing will be done to stop this. I am preaching to the choir here. Send this and all the similar accounts by e-mail to your represen- tatives, damanding they introduce legislation both at the state and national level, to set specific rules under which "dynamic entry" may be used to affect an arrest. Thank you.

Carl F. Worden Liaison & Intelligence Officer Southern Oregon Militia

HERE'S THE LATEST!!! wrote this:

To Whom it May Concern: On 10-23-98 in Sallisaw, OK the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, N.E. Region, with Senior agent V.M. Lyons in charge, swarmed a mobile home to "serve" a drug related arrest warrant.

Inside this residence was a 13 year old teenage girl, a 5 year old little girl, a 4 month old infant, their Mother, Dad and another couple that had stopped for a cup of coffee on their way to a fishing trip.

In typical terrorist fashion, the glass (screen door), (main door was open) came crashing in and armed agents poured in screaming and waving guns at people. The mother reached for her 5 year old to keep her from running in terror and as she did her shoulder was blown off by one of the trained terrorist robots! NO FIREARMS were in the house and the mother was in the kitchen several feet away from the goons which were still in the living room. The 13 year old passed out at the sight of seeing her mother shot down in her own kitchen and the 5 year old went into total hysteria (remind you of Ruby Ridge?).

One of the agents was reported to have asked "who fired?" at which time there was a period of silence while they looked at one another. The mother, Pat Eymer, is at this time in the Sparks hospital in Ft Smith, AR. The dad, Steve Eymer is in jail, the children are in the care of the state while the Grandmother who came in from out of state to get the children is not allowed to even see them until there is a court hearing on 10-26-98.

Now, whether Mr Eymer is guilty or not is not an issue with me, what bothers me are the goofy, stupid, dangerous, cruel, idiotic, irresponsible, unamerican, and cowardly tactics used by these agencies to "serve" arrest/ search warrants. If these so called "men" are so scared of being hurt, they need to get out of the business and let people with common sense and decency tend to these matters.

If this was an isolated incident, a huge law suit and public apology may serve for justice but this is becoming a regular pattern in this country for the past several years now.

Talk about CHILD ABUSE! How about a law that no firearms can be allowed to make any arrest wherever children are present! Our government is evidently not mature or responsible enough to be allowed anywhere near the same physical location as our children and grandchildren with firearms!

NO outlaw is worth killing innocent children for. Where are their priorities??? I don't know how many inches away from the head of this 5 year old little girl that bullet passed in order to blow the shoulder off of this dangerous unarmed mother, but if it was in the same house, it was too close as well as the act of a coward robot.

By the way, the local news media has been hush hush about this which is the reason I'm typing this! I hope it is accurate, it is to the best of my knowledge and ability, it may be the only side of this story you'll ever hear.
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