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{Malo 'e lelei, Talofa, Faka'alofa} greetings Fontana in South Cali to you who have entered into my realm in which I dwell the Concrete~Jungle Domain. Welcome and enjoy, but beware of the {*LION*} who watches over this my Concrete-Jungle, my Kingdom Domain in which you dwell in your travels....for peace be the journey{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{IRON~LION

Big-Up'z to all the FONTANA riddaz

{ Me and my homegirl RED }

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{ Me and bestfriend Racheal shes a cutie!!! }

  • {D.O.B}~ Feb. 19th 19$$
  • {Zodiac sign}~ Pisces
  • {P.O.B}~ Tonga, at Viola Hospital
  • {Nationality}~ Tongan, Samoan, Niuean, and German
  • {My family Villages}~ Tonga= Ha'akame, Pea, Matahau, and Holonga Samoa= Lauli'i
  • {Family}~ Oldest of 7 kids
  • {Religion}~ Mormon born, raised and proud
  • {Hobbies}~ Singing, drawing, writing poetry-songs, and chilln' on the kb
  • {School & Studies}~ Chaffey College and studying Psychology
  • {All my bestfriends many but true}~ Shawna, Tisha, Tasi, Sala, Racheal, Luana, Brenda, Jen, Amy, Selina, and Ema

    { Me back in HighSchool }

    { My bro. VIBE serving his Mission in San Antonio }

    { My lil bro. Dj-TAKI chilln' at the A.B. Miller carshow, str8 sportn' the homie SuperMan's 97 Chevy Astro Van }

    Poetic Thought

    Within my Domain of lingering thoughts,
    I am bestowed upon a realm of Jungle,
    subjected to hunt prey in order to fill my,
    hunger from within my soul, a craving,
    yearning which cry's aloud haunting my,
    thoughts at night as I creep, none shall
    escape the rath that claws thy flesh bearing
    down your very soul, enabling me to bring,
    fear and terrior within your very known sanity......

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    Str8 groovin in the Jungle tonite!