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Hunting Tales & Photo Gallary

The following are just a few of the many hunting photos that I've taken. Of course there's a story attached to each one and I'll include that at a later date.

 "Levi, Skinner and Cinnamon Bear"

Cinnimon bear only one ever killed in the Cherokee National Forest in NC. It was female, had been declawed, no tattoos or markings. Probably a product of bear migration. The Biologist said maybe a circus bear, but no telling. LEVI and Richard West killed on White Oak Flats road. Weighed 475 lbs.

If I could call back those younger days and bear dogs... been a lot of frost on my beard since then (smile).

 "One Hog & Two Bear in One Day"

 "Pop & Deer"

 "Levi, Skinner & Boar"

This boar was killed by Skinner with a 30/30 right below Sladey Cove. It cut up about four dogs. Elderberry found the track the night before but only had a coon dog with him so didn't run it.

 "Levi & Buck"

 "WD & Boar"

 "Levi, J.B. Massingale & Bear"

J.B. writes articles for Full Cry Magazine. This photo and article is in the February 1997 issue.

 "Levi, Richard West & Bear"

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