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Welcome to Levi's Bear Hunting Homepage

Pretty Pine Guide Service
Highway 68
Farner, TN 37333
Telephone: (423) 496-1751
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The following web pages offers excellent information on the black bear in our area.

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Agency Homepage - Lots of hunting/fishing information. Links of Interest


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Hunting Net

White Tail Deer

Hunting Directory

Hunting Links

Wildwings More Options

Outdoor Resources Online - "A comprehensive directory of Internet sites dedicated to outdoor recreation. You'll find Backcountry, Biking, Climbing/Mountaineering, Equine, Fishing, Golf, Hunting, Rivers, Sailing, SCUBA, Skiing, Spelunking, and Surfing. Online since 1995!"

Tri-State Trail and Tree Dog Association

Map of Hunting Area

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