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Welcome to Levi's Bear Hunting Homepage

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Highway 68
Farner, TN 37333
Telephone: (423) 496-1751
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Howdy and Welcome to Old Bear Hunter Levi's homepage. Glad you could join me sitting here around the campfire. You'll usually find me out in the woods of southeastern Tennessee or southwestern North Carolina hunting a big old black bear with my pack of hunting hounds.

If you would like to hire an experienced, affordable guide to hunt black bear, wild boar, deer, turkey or grouse in our area I'm your man. I also can fix you up with some fine native trout fishing in our wild streams. Contact us at Pretty Pine Guide Service.

I hunt game in both Tennessee and North Carolina. Hunting is strictly free range, fair chase in either the Nantahala National Forest or the Cherokee National Forest. There are no extra fees for land leases as it's all public game lands. The Nantahala and Cherokee National Forests offer thousands of acres of prime hunting lands and is not overly hunted due to the vastness of the area and mountainous terrain. As with most folks who hunt free range I can't guarantee a kill but with my experience and fine pack of hounds I can offer you a fair chance at it. I use a good radio tracking system with my pack of dogs which helps pinpoint the game's location.

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Please visit my Photo Gallary for some good hunting photos.

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I am a proud member of Tri-State Trail and Tree Dog Association, a local hunting club located here in Turtletown, Tennessee. If you want to know more about Tri-State please click on the link to their homepage. Tri-State Trail and Tree Dog Association

Big Bear
"376 lb. Black Bear
Cherokee County, NC"

Hunting Humor!

If you would like to see a map of one of the areas where I hunt please see Map If you look at the map look for the 1327 between Pretty Pine and Bear Branch, which is right off Forest Service Road 50. FS 50 dead ends at Sandy Gap. This is a mountainous area of the Nantahala National Forest in southwestern North Carolina (Cherokee County). This area is the launch pad for most of our bear hunting. But as most bear hunters know, there's more to hunting bears than just going out in the woods with a gun and getting one. It helps to have a fine pack of hounds.

Big Boar
"Big Boar
Cherokee County, NC"

Wild Hog Hunting

Hunting wild hogs is another favorite pastime of mine. Cherokee County in southwestern North Carolina and southeastern Tennessee supports a healthy population of wild boar. Average weight can run anywhere from 150 to 200+ pounds of pure dog cutting plunder. Most of our wild boar are pure wild Russian hogs which were introduced into Graham County, NC in 1908 and have become established throughout our area. Both North Carolina and Tennessee offers a good population of deer. Dogs aren't allowed to hunt deer in either state but there are some good areas for still hunting along the many game trails here.

Both Tennessee and North Carolina offer a spring turkey season each year. Bearded turkey only can be harvested. Bag limit: daily - 1; possession - 2; season - 2. Please email for information and season dates.

The wild turkey is our largest game bird with gobblers frequently attaining weights of over twenty pounds. Wild turkey, cautious by nature can be a real challenge for the serious hunter. Experience, patience and a good turkey caller can help bag your spring gobbler. Turkey is considered a big game animail in both Tennessee as well as North Carolina. If you're interested in a spring turkey hunt this season just let me know which dates you prefer.

Tri-State Trail and Tree Dog Association

Map of Hunting Area

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