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BENAVENTE 219 5 WITH A STORY - First off this is the 40th 219 Chris Benavente built and has a special tribal inlay in the headstock instead of the normal B. Buckeye Burl top with matching headstock. Benavente Custom wind dual coil pickups with a Demeter preamp. Zebra wood and flammed maple neck-through with flammed maple body and maple finger board. Also this bass carries the history of being famous. It was used by the bassist of Breaking Point on the video ONE OF A KIND which also is the song that the wrestler VanDam comes out to. Watch on MTV & M2 for this one. Reasoning why Greg used this one was becuase his custom 219B-5 was still being built. This bass is also pictured with Greg in some photo shoots as well. Breaking Point is on Wind-up Records... Creeds label. And you will be hearing from Breaking Point very soon!