Brad's character in the gameBrad takes aim at the bad guys as Leon. In late 1997, Brad did a project that was very different from anything he's ever done before. He made a commercial for the Playstation video game, "Resident Evil 2". The commercial was a very secret project. As a matter of fact, Brad's agent made sure that the commercial was only shown in Japan and that the star of the commercial only be referred to as "Actor X". While we believe you can see the commercial through some American websites, we have yet to see it. But we did get these pictures from the shooting of the commercial. In the commercial, Brad played the star of the video game, a character called Leon Kennedy.
Brad plays Leon in a 1997 commercial for "Resident Evil 2." His character in the game is a young policeman trying to stay alive and kill stuff. If you are familiar with the "RE" games, you know that in the games, there are actors who portray the characters in real-life scenes. Well, Brad is not in the game--only in the commercial, which had only live action sequences and no computer animation. The commercial was directed by George Romero, who is supposed to direct a "Resident Evil" movie based on the first game. Anyway, apparently Brad's fan following in Japan may be even greater than it is in America, so that could be one of the reasons it only aired there. (Brad recently won the 1998 Tokyo International Film Festival Best Actor Award.) Oh yeah, and one last thing, the game is also sometimes called "Biohazard 2" but he was only in one commercial.

Brad takes aim at the bad guys as Leon.

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