Brad Renfro Filmography

  Film Year Rating Role Time VHS? DVD? Book? CD?
The Client 1994 PG-13 Mark Sway 2:01 VHS DVD Book Soundtrack
The Cure 1995 PG-13 Erik 1:39 VHS DVD   Soundtrack
Tom and Huck 1995 PG Huckleberry Finn 1:35 VHS DVD Book Soundtrack
Sleepers 1996 R Michael Sullivan 2:27 VHS DVD Book Soundtrack
Telling Lies In America 1997 PG-13 Karchy Jonas 1:41 VHS DVD    
Apt Pupil 1998 R Todd Bowden 1:50 VHS DVD Book Soundtrack
Resident Evil 2 commercial
1997 View Leon Kennedy 0:01        
  Meter Man (short) 1997 View Sal 0:17        
  2 Little, 2 Late 2000   Jimmy Walsh 1:27        
Herschel Hopper: NY Rabbit
(Internet cartoon)
2000   Tanner 0:35        
Skipped Parts
2001 R Dothan Talbot 1:33 VHS DVD Book  
Bully 2001 Unrated Marty Puccio 1:53 VHS DVD Book  
Ghost World 2001 R Josh 1:51 VHS DVD Book Soundtrack
  Tart (direct-to-video) 2002 R William Sellers 1:31 VHS DVD    
Deuces Wild 2002 R Bobby 1:36 VHSDVD    
Happy Campers
2002 R Wichita 1:34 VHS DVD    
  Theory of the Leisure Class
(festival film)
2003 Unrated   1:48 VHS DVD    
  The Job (direct-to-video) 2004 R Troy Riverside 1:26   DVD    
  Mummy an' the Armadillo
(festival film)
2003   Wyatte          
  Confessions of an American Girl
2005 R Jay Grubb 1:28   DVD    
  The Jacket 2005 R The Stranger          
  Hollywood Flies 2005              
  10th & Wolf 2006              

Music video: The Rolling Stones - "Gimme Shelter", 1998
Music video: N*E*R*D - "Provider", 2002; View

1994 - Young Artist Award: Best Performance by a Young Actor Starring in a Motion Picture (The Client)
1995 - YoungStar Award: Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Drama Film (The Cure)
1998 - Tokyo Film Festival: Best Actor (Apt Pupil)
2003 - New York International Independent Film Festival: Best Actor (Theory of the Leisure Class)
2004 - Sedona Spirit Rising Star (The Mummy An' The Armadillo and career achievement)

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