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The Brad Renfro Zone has been around offline since May 1998. It was first published on the Internet on April 11, 1999. Please note, The Brad Renfro Zone is a fan site, which is not affiliated with Brad Renfro himself.

This site is devoted to one of today's rising young actors--Brad Renfro--and contains information, pictures, articles, news, and video/audio multimedia. The Brad Renfro Zone is meant to inform people of this talented young actor, to allow others to further their appreciation for Brad Renfro's films and work, to inform his fans, and to provide and entertaining look at the films of Brad Renfro.

Web Site News

On October 18, the two year anniversary of the release of Sleepers, we added a quiz. Go to it.
October 24, we added a second quiz. BR Quiz 2.htm
November 14, I added a third quiz.
November 29: Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. As you can see, the Brad Renfro Zone has gotten a holiday style update. Also, we've added a fourth quiz.
December 19, 1998: The Brad Renfro Zone is undergoing a complete overhaul, as you can probably see. Also check out quiz 5.
January 22, 1999: We added a new quiz-a winter edition, but don't let the background distract you. Go to it.
January 23, 1999: There is a new site devoted to Teen Stars featuring the hottest young entertainers today, including Brad Renfro, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Will Friedle, James Van Der Beek, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Danielle Fishel, Matt Damon and many many more. The site will be improving, but for now, there's brief biographies on the celebrities and Power Ratings-- a list of the 12 stars who are the hottest right now. See the rankings, plus check out the cool site: Teen.html.
February 5, 1999: Brad won the 1998 Tokyo International Film Festival award for Best Actor for his work in Apt Pupil. The official site of the long-running film festival is http://www.tokyo-filmfest.or.jp/e_index.html. It is rather an accomplishment for such a young actor to win a Best Actor award and it furthers the concept that Brad's fan folllowing in Japan may be greater than even than it is in America. Also, I have added a page on the hush-hush Brad project of late 1997--the Resident Evil 2 commercial. I got some hard-to-find pictures from the shooting of the commercial of the sequel video game, which was only seen in Japan. Go to the RE2 site. Also, in late 1998, Brad filmed a music video for The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" song from their new CD. There are two versions of the video--one with the group singing and one with Brad and others.
March 20, 1999: Today, I ruined the seventh quiz which has been completed for a while now. I'm almost done fixing it, and to go to it, click here. Meanwhile, I'm working on a new quiz, which to go to click here. Oh yeah, and for a little while now, there has been a second Apt Pupil page added to hype up this awesome film's April 13 video and DVD release.
Now we'll see what you're made of...
April 29, 1999: As you might have noticed, I'm really updating this site. Apt Pupil was released on April 13 to video and DVD. To go to the second Apt Pupil page focusing on the video/DVD release, click here. In addition, all the movie pages have been updated and I've added yet another Apt Pupil page which contains some of the reviews from critics. Click here to go to the Apt Pupil reviews page. I hope to have more reviews of all films up soon. As for people wanting news on Brad's future projects, there have been rumors of him planning to do two more independent films soon, which in my opinion is not a good decision for someone wanting to establish a Hollywood career. If he keeps choosing to ignore his mainstream fan base and do little indy projects, it's his choice, but personally, I think he should do the second Star Wars film if he is offered it. Anyway, one is called Under the Mimosa with LeAnn Rimes, the other Skipped Parts with Jennifer Jason Leigh and neither of these have begun production. If or when these two projects are confirmed, I'll let you know more. Lastly, I have added two more pages: Brad's Young Co-Stars and Brad's Tokyo Film Festival Award Page.
May 13, 1999: Brad was nominated for another award, this time it's the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films Awards. Brad is up for Best Performance By a Young Actor against Josh Hartnett ("The Faculty"), Katie Holmes ("Disturbing Behavior"), Jack Johnson ("Lost in Space"), Tobey Maguire ("Pleasantville"), and Alicia Witt ("Urban Legend"). This is Brad's fourth nomination for a film award (two of which he has won), and his nomination is one of five that "Apt Pupil" received, including Best Direction (Bryan Singer), Best Supporting Actor (Ian McKellen), Best Writing (Brandon Boyce) and Best Horror Film. The awards take place June 9 in California, for more info, click here or click here.
May 14, 1999
: Today I added some articles to the Apt Pupil Reviews Page, published the Sleepers Reviews Page and put up one of the first articles on Brad, a New York Times article from July 1994 and a page of "The Client" reviews.
May 16, 1999
: One of the alternate titles for "Star Wars" is "A New Hope." And Brad Renfro fans should have a new hope that Brad is cast as Anakin Skywalker in "Star Wars: Episode Two". Whether or not Brad is cast to play young Anakin in the film, I have added a Star Wars Episode Two page that focuses on the film and the possibility of Brad having a role in it. Check it out--it's pretty cool.
May 20, 1999
: Today I completed the articles to the Sleepers Reviews Page, for the time being and added some more articles to the Apt Pupil reviews page.
May 26, 1999
: The Star Wars: Episode Two page has been enhanced with background sound. Turn on your speakers and check it out to get the whole Star Wars experience.
May 27, 1999
: Out with the old, in with the new, I have started a new Brad Renfro Mailing List at www.topica.com. This one, you may actually be able to sign up at. Anyway, don't sign up for the Bomis one, that doesnt work, and this one should be good. How will it work? Just sign up, receive confirmation and write an email...everyone on the list receives it and can respond to it. Discuss Brad's movies, his latest projects, Brad himself, whatever. If you like Brad, go to www.topica.com and sign up today. It is listed under New Lists as well as Actors and Actresses, or you can just search for Brad Renfro, and the list will come up.
The official site of the Tokyo International Film Festival is http://www.tokyo-filmfest.or.jp/e_index.html
May 30, 1999
: I have added an Under the Mimosa page.
June 10, 1999
: The 25th Annual Saturn Awards for the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films were held last night in California. Apt Pupil won the award for Best Horror Film! And Ian McKellen won the award for Best Supporting Actor. I have yet to find out if Brad has won...but trust me, you'll hear it here first...at the Brad Renfro Zone.
July 18, 1999
: Apparently, the awards thing wasn't a very good idea, as only two people responded to the idea...and one I asked. Well, in any event, something big is gonna happen on July 25 to the Brad Renfro Zone. Click here to find out more.
July 20, 1999
: Something big, new, free, cool, and Renfro-related is coming to the Brad Renfro Zone in just five days. Click the above image to find out more.
July 21, 1999
: Change the way you use your computer in just four days...celebrate Brad's 17th birthday BR Zone-style...make sure to come back here on Brad's birthday (Sunday, July 25th) to get something free and Renfro-related....you gotta be here then or else you might miss out. Also, wanna know what four of Brad's movies his fans like most? Click here to find out!

Brad and Stephen Dorff in Deuces Wild

September 30, 2000: I'll make this update as brief as possible (I don't know why I even bother anymore). Happy Campers (which was pushed back from being released this past June to July to last week to February 2001) is now set for release on May 4, 2001. The movie must be a stinker if New Line keeps pushing it back. Brad's currently working on Bully, another crap-sounding project due out for release in 2001. Oh yeah, and Brad was arrested the day before filming started. He tried to steal a boat when no one was looking... This page continues to be updated regarding Brad's innumerable projects which are constantly being delayed. Oh yeah and since everyone is always asking me for recent pictures of Brad, here's one of the former child star eating some Cheetos:

August 3, 2000: Updated the upcoming projects page to push back release dates.

June 16, 2000: Some MPAA and release information has come in. Skipped Parts has received an R rating and will be released as planned this August 25 in New York and Los Angeles. The movie will expand on September 5. Happy Campers is no longer definitely opening up in September. The summer camp comedy has also received an R rating for "nonstop sexual humor". Meanwhile, Ghost World has wrapped filming and is set for a limited release late this year and a wide release January 2001. Deuces Wild will open March 2001, most likely with an R rating.

May 22, 2000: Brief update on the status of Brad's films. United Artists, the distributor of Brad's Ghost World, has released the film's first publicity still, a black-and-white snapshot of Thora Birch (American Beauty). So that means that production on this film has begun. Expect an early 2001 release date most likely, until then an official site has been registered and will probably be set up sometime this summer. Likewise, Tart's official site (tartmovie.com) is awaiting its grand opening. Happy Campers, set for an early fall release, should be getting some press as early as the end of June. Skipped Parts, Brad's indie to be released at the end of summer, might not have any official site. Deuces Wild in production and Delilah (early stages) seem a long way off still.

May 18, 2000: Just announcing some release dates. Skipped Parts will open in NY and LA on August 25. You most likely won't get to see it until September 8 when it opens wider. Happy Campers, the summer camp comedy, will be released just two weeks later on Friday, September 22. Those two films--and possibly Tart--are the only films of Brad's current projects that will see release before the end of this year.

April 26, 2000: Brad has two new projects on the horizon. They are Delilah, a erotic-psychological Hitchcock-influenced thriller co-starring Kathleen Turner and Deuces Wild, an ensemble piece '50s drama co-starring, among others, Matt Dillon, The Waterboy's Fairuza Balk, "Malcolm in the Middle" star Frankie Muniz, Blade's Stephen Dorff, and The Lord of the Flies' Balthazar Getty. Deuces Wild began principal photography on April 24. For the record, that means that Brad has eight legit projects for 2000, including the already-released independent Too Little, Too Late and Internet-only Herschel Hopper. The other six are Happy Campers, Skipped Parts, Tart, Ghost World, Delilah, and Deuces Wild. While the last three may very well not be released until next year and the others are primarily independent films, still eight projects in such a short time following a 18-month hiatus seems like a lot for Bradley. Too bad that out of all these projects, so few sound as great as Brad's past movies. Oh yeah, click here for the "official" Delilah site, which requires FREE registration, but is at the same place as Skipped Parts so you've probably already registered if you plan to. Both Delilah and Skipped Parts are currently seeking distribution. I have updated the exclusive definitive page on Brad's eight new projects...click here.

April 25, 2000: From Herschel Hopper to Tart. Brad's new movie, Tart has opened its official site up online at TartMovie.com. Thanks to Peter for letting me know this...right now, it's not much, but you can sign up to be alerted about the official premiere of the site. The poster is all they have there, but well...any movie with the tagline "Sex, drugs, and study hall" just can't be something worthwhile. Oh well, I'm sure Brad had some good reasons for choosing this project...it just looks a little trashy to me.

April 23, 2000: Happy Easter everyone! Herschel Hopper: New York Rabbit is here and it's great. Go to Rumpus.com to download the movie now! Or click here for an early review from yours truly.

April 18, 2000 : Well, as you all know, Brad has a new movie coming out for the first time in almost two years. Herschel Hopper: New York Rabbit premieres this Sunday, Easter Sunday, at 3:00 PM. And, well Brad's role is huge judging from a music video of a song from the film called "Good Days and Sunshine". To view the music video, click here. The song talks a lot about Knoxville and Tennessee (maybe Brad had some artistic influence?), which apparently is where Herschel and Tanner are before they get lost and wind up in New York. They originally come from Memphis...(can you say The Client?). Anyway, the movie looks really good and Brad's role is huge. Even if it is just his voice. The song is good too. It looks like Brad has made a really good decision with this one. Well, be sure to watch this Sunday. Oh yeah, and thanks to everyone for entering the contest...oh wait, that's right, no one did.

April 8, 2000: A fourth DVD of a Brad movie is on the way. Telling Lies in America will be released on a single-sided disc by Fox Lorber on April 25. It will only be in fullscreen pan-and-scan. I'm not sure if it will be the same thing as the free version on 1998's free VersaDisc featuring the movie. Anyway, MORE IMPORTANTLY this Monday is the one year anniversary of The Brad Renfro Zone. I don't think this site will get the attention it deserves until this summer when people remember who Brad is again (as he will have a number of films coming out). Oh and by the way, production on Ghost World began on March 20, so the film may just be done in time for the fall.

March 13, 2000: I received an e-mail from Rumpus today that addressed the questions that many of you have been asking or wondering. Here is the e-mail in its entirety...

Hi to those in Brad Renfro Zone -- Everyone here at Rumpus is very excited about the release of "Herschel Hopper: New York Rabbit". To answer your questions:

1) Is Brad's character's role a major one?
Yes, Brad does play a leading role, he plays Tanner the leading "human" boy.

2) Will the movie have set showtimes like a real movie?
The movie premires on April 23rd at 3PM EST on rumpus.com

3) Will you be able to download the movie to your computer? If not, is a video/DVD release planned?
You will be able to watch the movie only on line, so far there are no plans for a video/DVD release.

4) What made Rumpus interested to choose Brad to voice Tanner?
We really like Brad and all his movies and thought he would be a perfect voice for our animated movie.
See you at the movies.

Thanks to Eric and Rumpus for taking the time to answer the questions...the movie sounds great!

March 9, 2000: Brad has made a good decision for the first time since 1995...he is going to provide the voice of Tanner in the first ever animated-film on the internet. The film, Herschel Hopper: New York Rabbit will premiere on Easter Sunday...and costs just three little dollars. The movie is a huge revolutionary project, and will be quite an experiment. The staff of 34 at Rumpus.com is taking a large step with this animation project using Shockwave Flash technology for a clear picture, but quick download time. The movie will become able to download starting at 3 PM on April 23 and will run for 2-3 weeks. The movie is 45 minutes long, and currently a home video/DVD release is up in the air. You can currently buy some toys related to the film (a first for a Brad movie). The movie is about a scruffy rabbit named Herschel Hopper who is accidentally sent to New York City and gets caught up in fame, fortune, and true friendship. For more info on the movie, which Brad is currently in New York reading for, visit Rumpus Toys. You can quote me on this one too, Herschel Hopper will be Brad's movie since Sleepers even if it is somewhat disappointing. Tanner is, in the words of the title character Herschel, "a very cool guy." Other celebrities providing voices include Jason Priestly, former NYC mayor Ed Koch, Brandon Sexton III, and TV chef "Multo" Mario Butabi. More on the details will be here, when they are learned. Also, Brad's career seems to be on a roll, as he has signed on to do a project called Ghost World about a group of friends graduating from high school, based on a comic book of the same title, co-starring Steve Buscemi and Thora Birch. Brad plays an obnoxious slacker who is well-liked in a not too-big role. The film may be released in the fall of this year. Click here for more on the film.

February 4, 2000: Going on a monthly update here, there is news of another new film for Brad. It appears Skipped Parts, the rumored drama co-starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, will be released this Spring. ReelPlay has a page on the movie. You have to register, but it's free, and the page features the full-sized movie poster, stills from the movie, and the trailer in RealVideo format. Well, the movie looks pretty, well, TERRIBLE. But, as the only worthwhile Brad Renfro site on the Net, I figure I'm obligated to keep you up-to-date on the actor's career, which is clearly on the way down. As stated last year, the film will be directed by Tamra Davis (Billy Madison) and will feature a cameo by Drew Barrymore. Brad plays an unlikable high school jock, which isn't as big a role as the son, which was previously stated on many other websites.

January 4, 2000: Well, I have finally decided to update this site, after almost four months...well, the official Happy Campers site is up...the film has finished shooting and should be released this summer. Check out my page, the first on the web with HC info for some pictures, the link, and updated news.

September 18, 1999: Brad is currently in North Carolina shooting his new film Happy Campers and The Brad Renfro Zone is the only site on the Internet to fill you in with information STRAIGHT FROM THE SET. Click here to learn some news about Brad's new movie.

September 7, 1999: NEW: Check out the BR Zone Store in association with Amazon.com , the place to buy Brad's movies on VHS and DVD, the books Brad's movies are based on and the soundtracks to Brad's movies.

September 2, 1999: I made a new gadget for those of you who want to know how much longer til Brad can vote. Click here to see it..

August 23, 1999: Attention Brad fans: Send in your reviews of any and all Brad's six movies for an upcoming page. Reviews can range anywhere from a sentence to a few paragraphs. The ideal size is probably a paragraph review. If you are a fan of Brad, then you will write in your reviews.

August 18, 1999: The Brad Renfro Zone has added a new page--Brad: The Movies That Could Have Been. The page has a thorough list of movies that Brad was either rumored to be doing or turned down.

August 17, 1999: The desktop theme is done, so what are you waiting for? Click here to get something free and Renfro-related for your computer. The Happy Campers page has been updated. Lastly...Did you know...that Drew Barrymore wanted to cast Brad in the film she produced and starred in Never Been Kissed? The film was released earlier this year, without Brad. Here's an excerpt on it from a Premiere Magazine article on Drew Barrymore:

Do It Yourself
Eight-by-ten glossies crowd the bulletin board in Barrymore's glass-walled L.A. office. Eric Bogosian, Chloe Sevigny, Brad Renfro, and Molly Shannon are on her ten-most- wanted list of faces she hopes to cast in Never Been Kissed, a comedy about a reporter who goes undercover in a high school. "It's good to cut and paste and see all your faces and characters," Barrymore says. "Some of these are in the process of committing. Some I haven't met with yet." In the front of the production office is a room full of actors who are eagerly awaiting their auditions. If they pass the first round, they get to read with Barrymore.

August 14, 1999: The Brad Renfro Theme is finally done! Brad fans, click here for something free and totally great.

August 13, 1999: Update: Brad is in a new movie and this one's for real. For more, click here. Remember, you heard it here first, at the Brad Renfro Zone.

July 25, 1999: It's Brad's 17th birthday today! Happy Birthday, Brad. Well that means that if you like Brad, click here for something cool and free.

July 1, 1999: Finally, I have seen the Resident Evil 2 commercial! And so can you, if you haven't already. Special thanks to Luis who notified me of a site where you can see the entire 35-second Resident Evil 2 (called "Biohazard 2" where it aired in Japan) commercial. Biohazard Extreme is a site with information on the filming of the commercial with pics from taping. If you just want to download the commercial (it is 3 MB in .zip format and plays in Quicktime), click here.

June 25, 1999: Did you like Brad's sixth film? If so, click here to download a cool Apt Pupil desktop theme from Original Look. The theme is 1.5 MB and comes in .exe format. Also, click here to hear an awesome surround stereo sound clip from Apt Pupil.

June 13, 1999: I have made theApt Pupil Reviews Page easier to navigate through.

June 11, 1999: Wanna send Brad Renfro postcards to your friends online? CLICK HERE.

May 29, 1999: I have added 12 pics to the Resident Evil 2 commercial pictures page. Check them out! Click here to view this page with The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" playing in the background. Also, if you would like to view the "Sleepers" page with either Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons' "Walk Like a Man" , Spencer Davis Group's "Gimme Some Lovin'" or The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" or "Catch a Wave", click on the song titles.

The official site of the Tokyo International Film Festival is http://www.tokyo-filmfest.or.jp/e_index.html