It's unlikely you'll see Brad in any film called The Little Black Book, so don't hold your breath...

The movie was supposed to come out on October 24 (TODAY) according to the Internet Movie DataBase (, but we all knew it wouldn't be released on a Saturday in any event. And now the film, which supposedly was directed by Milos Forman, and starred Brad, Liv Tyler, and Natalie Portman, may not come out at all. Brad says that the movie was never made. Probably, this isn't going to be released, if any time soon.


Update: Well, today, December 19, 1998 has rather completely changed The Brad Renfro Zone, so we'd figure we'd keep you up-to-date on The Little Black Book, Brad's "non-movie." The Internet Movie DataBase has finally taken off this movie off of Brad's filmography, although the listing for the film remains, with Liv Tyler and Natalie Portman still listed anyway. In any event, this page will also act as a sort of non-movie Brad page.

January 23, 1999: Well, since nothing currently appears on Brad's horizon, I think he should DEFINITELY do the Star Wars Episode Two movie if he gets the chance. A film of such huge proportions as that would gain him immediate attention and would only further his acting career. As for the Star Wars people, they're not gonna find anyone better to play the young Annakin Skywalker in the second film, so: TRY TO GET BRAD!

March 20, 1999: Update on Star Wars: Episode Two...At the ShoWest convention for movie theaters, a second trailer on Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace premiered focusing on the plot of the film. Also, George Lucas was there to discuss the film (now to be released on May 19) and when asked about Episode Two, he said he honestly had done no work on it yet; there's no script yet and he says he won't even begin to think about casting until the summer. Good, because hopefully, he'll get a chance to rent Apt Pupil a number of times and see the amazing acting talents of a candidate for the Annakin Skywalker role: CAST BRAD, George.


Height: 5'11"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Favorite musician: Jimmy Page
Favorite color: Black
Born July 25, 1982
in Knoxville, Tennessee
currently is in the 11th grade
Star of 6 feature films
Other talents include playing the electric guitar;
writing poetry and a screenplay
Has an interest in learning cinematography and
would like to direct movies.
May attend UCLA film school


Cast for major role in The Client (June 1993)
The Client (July 1994)
Cast for role of Erik in The Cure (July 1994)
The Cure (April 1995)
1995: Hollywood Reporter's Young Star Award for The Cure
Filming for Tom and Huck begins (June 1995)
Tom and Huck (December 1995)
Filming Sleepers (March 1996)
Starts high school (September 1996)
Sleepers (October 1996)
Named by "People" one of the "30 Hottest Stars Under 30" (November 1996)
1996: Nominated for Awards for Sleepers and Tom and Huck, but does not win
Starts work on Telling Lies in America (Early 1997)
Filming for Apt Pupil, appears on the cover of "Seventeen" (May 1997)
Telling Lies in America (October 1997)
Films "Resident Evil 2" commercial (Late 1997) (It is only seen in Japan)
Apt Pupil (October 1998)
Wins Tokyo International Film Festival Best Actor Award for Apt Pupil (November 1998)
Films music video for The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" (Late 1998)
Is rumored to be one of the actors in the running to play Annakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode Two, due in 2001 (Late 1998)