Four friends have made a mistake that will change their lives forever.

SLEEPERS was released on October 18, 1996 to a bunch of controversy. It's tough to believe that this unique film was released a whole three years ago. With powerful directing by Barry Levinson ("Rain Man"), an emotion-rendering, resounding soundtrack by John Williams ("Star Wars" Trilogy), and an unbelievable star-filled cast, Sleepers is quite a memorable film. A long, emotional thriller that forces the viewer to show emotion, Sleepers was not only successful in the box-office, but is successful by people. The arrogant swagger of Kevin Bacon as guard Sean Nokes. The memorable performance of Robert De Niro as caring parish priest Robert Carrillo. The strong performance by Dustin Hoffman as alcoholic lawyer Danny Snyder. The dark narration by Jason Patric. The powerful performance of Brad Pitt as the older Michael Sullivan who takes the case to lose. And of course, the performance by Brad as remarkable as ever. Sleepers captures the color of 1960's New York, and accurately portrays the boys' home of Hell's Kitchen. Sleepers is a great film.

Playing StickballWaiting for ShakesAt Wilkinson

On the set of Sleepers (from L to R): Geoffrey Wigdor, Jonathan Tucker, director Barry Levinson, Joseph Perrino, and Brad Renfro

In Sleepers, the filmmakers had the task of matching up a young actor with an older actor based on physical traits. The actors spent some time with each other making sure that they had had similar voices. Here's a look at the sets of actors who played the film's four main characters.

Brad Renfro and Brad Pitt as Michael Sullivan

Joe Perrino and Jason Patric as Lorenzo "Shakes" Carcaterra

Geoffrey Wigdor and Ron Eldard as John Reilly

Jonathan Tucker and Billy Crudup as Thomas Marcano

Note: Today (3/29), I got the Sleepers DVD in the mail. It has two sides, with 43 scenes to choose from. Its features include Cast Bios, Production Notes, Theatrical Trailer, many Subtitles and Languages, and something called "Film Flash" which I imagine may be stills from the movie. Of course, the background to the options screen has a cool Sleepers settings with pictures from the movie playing backdrop to the screen. All that for $14.99--that's what I call a deal!!!



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