He was the client.

He searched for the cure.

He hung with Tom.

He was one of the sleepers.

He told lies in america.

And he was a very apt pupil.

Now, Brad Renfro is going to camp.

Happy Campers
....................Happy Campers

Camp will soon be in session.

EXCLUSIVE NEWS - VERIFIED - JANUARY 4, 2000 Well, those who doubted the existence of this film, doubt no longer. New Line Cinemas has opened up an official publicity site on the movie, with even a few pics from the film. The pics from Brad Renfro's latest new film Happy Campers appear right below this paragraph. Let me also just verify some info, this "summer camp teen comedy" should be released this upcoming summer, likely in June or July. The film stars Brad and Dominique Swain, as stated earlier, as college freshmen who spend their summer as camp counselors. The tyrannical camp director (played by Armageddon's Peter Stormare) gets into an accident, and the diverse group of counselors take it upon themselves to spice up the everyday life of "Camp Bleeding Squaw". The movie will likely get an R rating (PG-13 is an outside possibility)...it is written and directed by Daniel Waters (Heathers) and distributed by New Line Cinemas. Here are some early film stills (move your mouse over the image for a description)...

Brad Renfro and Dominique Swain in "Happy Campers" Dominique Swain and others in "Happy Campers" (clockwise from top): Dominique Swain, Justin Long, Brad Renfro, Emily Bergl, Keram Malicki-Sanchez, Jordan Bridges, and James King star in New Line Cinema's teen comedy "Happy Campers"

Stills taken from New Line Cinema's Happy Campers Publicity Site check it out for more info on Brad's latest film.

EXCLUSIVE INFO - UPDATED SEPTEMBER 25, 1999! All news is absolutely verified...as it comes off the set of the new film. Well Brad and the rest of the cast, which includes Dominique Swain (Face/Off), model James King, Jeff Bridges' son, and Emily Bergl (The Rage: Carrie 2) began shooting right before Labor Day in a small North Carolina town. The cast of young stars play college freshmen who are working as counselors at a summer camp called "Camp Bleeding Squaw". Expect this dark comedy to be released next summer if all goes well. More news coming soon....straight off the set of Brad Renfro's newest movie.

Much thanks to Liv who provided me with the info.

Shortly after Labor Day, Brad is heading down to North Carolina to begin filming "Happy Campers." "Happy Campers" is apparently anything but a happy movie; it is a dark comedy with an extremely unhappy ending. Brad plays Wichita, a "laid-back, mischevious" camp counselor. The film co-stars Lolita's Dominique Swain as Wendy, the "Snow White-type" happy female lead. It appears that the film will get an R rating. If all goes well, the film could be released as early as next summer, but of course, things could go as wrong as "Apt Pupil" and we could end up waiting almost over two years for the release. Well, I'll let you know when I get more info.

NEWS! From Entertainment Weekly Online - August 9, 1999:

CASTING Brad Renfro (''Apt Pupil'') and Dominique Swain (''Face/Off'') will play counselors who revolutionize their camp when the director is ousted mid-summer. Hopefully there will be important life lessons amidst the panty raids.


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