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Bon Jovi Dream

I read this through one of the Bon Jovi mailing lists, and it was so inspirational that I decided to post it here. It is definitely something for Bon Jovi "fans" to consider............

I had the strangest dream last night. I went to Johnny's Church of Rock n' Roll and the doors were closed. Johnny was sitting on the steps and I sat down beside him. I asked him why the doors were closed. He told me a story that brought tears to my eyes. He told about how he and the band had listened to the faithful beg for a new album. They were energized and ready to do one. They put their heart and soul into the new album. They tried to make it in the same vein as SWW and NJ, but with a new added twist. They gave fans a look inside the studio while making the new album, did a special concert on the web, and even had a contest so some fans could see the band in person. They showed up in little spots, giving the fans a club feel. They went on shows, and gave interviews. They posed for pictures and sat in a chat room where the lines flew by so fast they were a blur. They gave and gave. Johnny's Church of Rock n' Roll had never been better. The faithful were joyous and pleased. Then disaster struck.

A few promos got released and some non-believers spoke out. It was not like how they had been told, it was not what they expected, it was a disappointment. The majority of the faithful stood by. The video was released and was for the most enjoyed. The single was doing fine. A disaster had been avoided. Japan got crushed and seemed to be quite happy. Alas, when things look the brightest, there is always a rain cloud around.

The Europeans got crushed and was not too pleased. C+ was the grade. What is the deal with "I Got The Girl" and "Say It Isn't So"? "She's a mystery" sounds like a rip-off of Springsteen. It sounds like Jon's DA. This isn't SWW or NJ. Where are the lyrics? We waited 5 years for this? If you would listen to your fans you would not release "Say It Isn't So" as the next single. What was the band thinking of? The chords sound off. Where are Richie's guitar solos? Why is Jon singing so high? This doesn't sound like Bon Jovi. Another ballad? Too many ballads, not enough rockers. Why does Bon Jovi not listen to their fans? This album sucks. The cover sucks. The pictures are horrible. Where are the lyrics???

On and on the complaints came. The few faithful who actually liked the album were criticized as being blinded by Bon Jovi. If you actually liked the whole album, you were strange. Johnny felt damned if he did and damned if he didn't. He gave it his all, but it was not good enough. The fans sounded more like critics than fans. No matter how much he did it was not enough. The fans had wondered why he cut back on tours and why his heart was no longer on the tours. He laughed rather sadly.

"If they went to work every day and was criticized constantly, never praised, they wouldn't stay at their jobs very long. My job is to make music. It is what I love. I can write song for soundtracks, for others and for friends. I don't need this anymore."

"I closed the doors to Johnny's Church of Rock n' Roll, because my best was not good enough. Hey, as an actor I get praise from the critics. I enjoy being an actor. No pressure, no hardship. If the movie fails, it is not my fault. I came in and did my job."

"The fans.", he said sadly as he shook his head. "I believed, they didn't. Now all they can say is, "Say It Isn't So." I liked that song, but they got their wish. It never got released. I canceled the tours and closed the doors."

Johnny got up and walked away. I felt like the music had died. I believed, but I did not speak up loudly enough. I looked in the window and I saw the ghosts of Tommy and Gina. I saw Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen from Mars. I saw the five year old princess. I saw Mystery and heard the Mystery Train go by. I saw my reflection in the broken window...just older. I saw Santa Claus, the man in the moon, Superman, and Elvis Presley dancing with his tacky cheesey bathing beauty. All of them were singing..."Say it isn't so (tell me it's not true), say it isn't so....

Then I woke up, ran to the message board and prayed that the dream was not true. Maybe it was, and maybe it wasn't. I am speaking up and crying "I believe" in as loud of a voice as I can. I don't want Johnny's Church of Rock n' Roll to fade away.

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