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Fish's Online Slave Quarters and Monkey Emporium

This page is brought to you by the letter "P" and the number 6.

Welcome to Karate Goldfish's Online Slave Quarters and Monkey Emporium. My name is Fish, and I'll be your designated Guide to Death, Despair, and Utter Torment for all Eternity. So, welcome, and please don't touch the furniture. It's just been cleaned.

SCRIBBLES I like to write. It's kind of an escape. As the great Robert Dean said on Enemy of the State: "Some people paint to escape, some people write to escape, but me, I blend. That's my favorite blender."

RANDOM MUMBLINGS This page is an endless story of my life. Well, at least, of my life in the past 6 or 7 months. I write these entries when I have something important to say, or when I have nothing better to do.

LINKS I just wasted one hour of my life updating this links page to make it more "visually appealing." Go see how many red X's there are, and please, don't tell me. I live in ignorance.

ALL ABOUT ME I feel like the title of this page is self-explanatory. If you can't figure out what that means, click here.

PICTURES These are big, slow-loading photos that I've taken all by my sweet self. There are no thumbnails, no indexes, just a plethora of gigantic .bmp's that won't load half the time. I blame society. ;p

((Here's a link to my triscuit page...

Wolves urinate to mark their territory. It's not nearly as hard for you: simply log onto my guest page, leave your message, and then pee all over your computer. Not responsible for computer damage.

For those of you who actually read to the bottom, here's a sweet surprise. Me Naked

Okay, now scroll up and read all this again. Maybe you'll see something you didn't see before. Or maybe you'll just be another addition to my counter. Either way, you're online instead of being outdoors - it makes me feel better to know that I've ruined a life somehow.

- fish

UPDATE! I was randomly looking at my page and noticed that on the counter, I was number 1337. If that's not a sign, what is, eh? :D