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Ukyo Shrine

I'm making this page to all Ukyo lovers...such as me <(((^_))> you will find fanfics of hers and others, of her...and her BF and pics of her....enjoy...
Name: Ukyou Kuonji (Ucchan)
Age: 16
Parents: Well, we know for certain that she had a father when she was six...but his name was never mentioned until now...where in recent news, a friendly girl gave me an interesting email saying her father's name was Akira.(Thank you Friendly Girl *winks*). Her mother is never mentioned, period. Their whereabouts are unknown. Personally, I favor the idea that they're both alive and happy to be living far, far away from the chaos of Nerima.
Engaged To: Ranma Saotome
Jusenkyou Curse: None, but if she were cursed, I bet she'd turn into a fox!
Occupation: Restruanteer/Cook, Martial Artist

Personality (humorous): She's cute. She's smart. She's clever. She can cook- oh man, can she cook! She carries a giant spatula trapped to her back, and has a bandolieer or smaller spatulas that she uses as weapons. She might be one of The Fiancees, but Ukyou comes perilously close to being- dare we say it?- NORMAL! *gryn* Aside from her obsession with okonomiyaki, that is...and even then, she's such a great cook that we can forgive her that. Really the only weird thing about Ukyou is that when Ranma "dumped" her at age six, she swore that she would live as a man until she tracked him down and made him pay. She did, too! She wears boy's clothes and is registered as a guy at Furinken. Yikes.

Personality (serious): Ukyou has spunk, guts, and intelligence. She's also gorgeous, talented, and independant. She has a few blind spots, mostly regarding her feminine side; she's a sucker for anyone who calls her cute. A lot of people claim that Ucchan's parents are dead, and that she's a lot darker than the series portrays her as a result. Also, that she's so in love with Ranma that she'd be lost without him. Personally, I can't see any of that. Ukyou's a very strong character, and my guess is that she'd do fine even if Ranma dumped her outright. I also don't think her parents are dead, even if she is living on her own in Nerima; I think that would've been mentioned at some point.

Ukyou is one of the few characters in Ranma who's actually happy. Aside from the occassional frustration because Ranma doens't love her, and being confused by the mass chaos that abounds in Nerima, she's got almost everyting she wants; she's got a successful business doing what she loves most, is self-sufficient, is fulfilling her dream of becoming (being?) the best Okonomiyaki cook in the world, and can beat up Genma whenever she likes. She does need a sweet, attentive boyfriend to lean on (notice that Ranma doesn't quite fit those qualifications?), but she'll get there.

Ukyo_like_always. Sly_look. Isnt_she_cute?. Couple. Scary. This_ones_good. Shes_kinda_cute_when_shes_angry. Ignore_the_others_and_see_ukyo. The_same. Happy. Compassionate. Heheh. Happy2. whoopsie. Flop_anime. Flop_manga. Isnt_that_nice?. They_even_figth_together? Chibi. Kawaii!.

[ANIMATION:  Ukyo winks, Created by Galry]


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