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My Favorite Links

img Resources for Pharmacology
img Pharmacology WWW Resources
img WWW Directory of Chemical Companies
img Güncel Farmalist - Drug Index for Turkey
img Turkish Pharmacological Society
img Turkish Physiological Sciences Society
img British Pharmacological Society
img Global Anesthesiology Server Network
img Drug Information Association
img Journal Impact Factors
img FDA - Consumer Drug Information
img Guide to Finding Information on Investigation Drugs and Clinical Trials
img COPD
img Clinical Pharmacology
img Medical Pharmacology
img Essentials of Human Physiology
img Human Physiology
img Essentials of Immunology

img Statistics and Data Analysis in Pharmacology - UCLA School of Medicine
img Pharmacokinetics - UCLA School of Medicine
img Cardiovascular Pharmacology Lecture Notes - UCLA School of Medicine
img Pharmacology - UCL
img Cardiovascular Pathology - University of Alberta
img Shlafer's Pharmacology Home Page
img Anaesthetic Pharmacology Notes
img Pharmacology Lectures
img Cardiac Pharmacology
img Pharmacology Course - Creighton University
img Pharmacology Courses/Textbooks/Tutorials
img Physiology and Pharmacology Practical Notes
img The Pharmacology of Local Anaesthetic Agents
img Programmed Problem Sets in Pharmacology
img Pharmacology in Anesthesia
img Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Resources
img Free Medical Books

img Medical Abbreviations, Scientific Articles, Pharmaceutical Companies, Conferences Worldwide
img The On-line Medical Dictionary
img English dictionary of medical terms
img Glossary of Terms and Symbols Used in Pharmacology
img SurfStat statistical glossary
img The Chronicle of Higher Education: Career Network
img Jobsnet
img Translation

img Proposal writing: Internet resources
img Writing a Grant Proposal
img Successful Grant Writing
img Proposals for Funding
img Strengthening Your Grant Application: A Review Perspective
img International Society of Drug Bulletins

img Serbest Radikaller ve Antioksidanlar Arastirma Dernegi
img Society for Free Radical Research
img International Society of Antioxidant in Nutrition and Health
img Proteins/Compounds Involved with Oxidative Damage/Repair
img Institute for Longevity Research Home Page
img LeadDiscovery

img Turkey
img The Republic of Turkey
img All Internet Services in Turkey
img Turkiye'deki Internet Servisleri
img Pictures from Turkey
img Turk Akademisyenler Haritasi
img Strathclyde University Turkish Students' Association
img Digital Cards
img Pure Dead Glasgow - Pure Dead Brilliant
img Ankara ve Istanbul'da vizyonda yer alan filmler
img Lake pictures
img Kaleidoscope Painter
img Cartoon Stock

img Science Channel
img Scientific/Technical/Medical Publishers
img Links to publishers websites
img New Journals and Newsletters on the Internet
img Biological Software Resources
img Biology Resources
img A directory of Chemistry on the InterNet
img Mathematics on the Web
img MindTools
img Human Dynamics
img The Light Cone
img Basic Physics with Java
img Other Home Pages:
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(Turkish Culture)
Kurtulus Karamustafa
Tugrul Çömlekçi
(Mechanical Engineering)
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