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Greetings!  I see you have found your way to Daowin Isle, which is the home of Sharmy's Horde.  My name is Asphian   Talireap, and I am the webmaster / clubmaster.  Many seasons ago, Sharmy was taken captive by some good creatures from the abbey called Redwall, and they still hold her captive.  We have not yet found a way to save her, and we fear that she may be turning to good.  We are an evil horde, made up of any sort of vermin.  Please feel free to join us, we can always use more warriors.  Our camp is now based on this   island near Sampetra.  I will frequently post notes from Sharmy here, for this is the Announcement page as well as the main page.

welcome to my evil hoarde page!! I hope you like vermin, and causing havoc!! 'cause that's what we do here!! please join 'cause I need more members!! thanx- Sharmy


Sharmy says hi!  She still has email, so you can email her at

In case you didn't understand the rather modified version of what really happened to the page from above, here's what happened.  Sharmy had to get rid of the Internet, so she left the page to me (we know each other in real life).  Well, my club (Brockhall) had to go through some major rennovation so that I could get it back on the Web, and in that proccess I forgot about Sharmy's Horde.  But now it's back, but Sharmy can't run it anymore because she doesn't have Internet.

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