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Swirly Tunnel Page Two

My Uncle Dan and his fam...five girls, then a, my cousin Cheryl's hub, is the guy in back...then top to bottom left to right are Cheryl, Sherri, Kerri, Uncle Dan, Aunt Vickie, Melissa, and Carissa.

Pop, my grandfather.

On May 28, 2003 we found out that my grandfather has lung cancer. We just celebrated his 80th birthday April 15; according to what the doctors say it was his last. They say he has about a month. I'm glad that we know so we can spend as much time with him as possible, but I sure don't want to let him go. My earliest memory is of him...he's always been there...loyal, faithful, supportive, loving...and as much as it hurts knowing we're going to lose him soon I know it doesn't even compare to how much I'll miss him once he's gone.
ADDENDUM...We lost my grandfather on July 29, 2003. I feel his loss every single day. In my entire life, he is THE only man from whom I've felt and literally experienced unconditional love. He was such an example...he always took care of his family above all else...was a Godly man...until he was absolutely physically unable to do so, he took care of his church...things that other people wouldn't think of, like mowing the lawn and checking to make sure the heat was on when it was below freezing many things about him that everyone, including myself, took for granted...wisdom that was never taken advantage of....He served his country with SUCH extreme pride...that's the one thing I'm thankful for...that I celebrated that with him in the last few years of his life...and that I thanked HIM for what he had done to protect MY freedom...and the freedom of so many others. He was at the liberation of Dachau, a concentration camp in Germany...I never knew that til the last year of his life...he told me how the prisoners welcomed the children cheered...and how prisoners dropped dead before his eyes from doubt, he was there when the guards were systematically executed...and no doubt, he realized the justice in such an act...but never one time did he celebrate that. I think back over the years...when I'd take out that black leather photo album...with the photographs of the mounds of jewish that my dear grandfather had taken...and the times that I looked at those photographs with no REAL thought about what he'd been through or the atrocities that he'd seen...and I wish that I'd asked him about it...given him the opportunity to pass on such a great, albeit horrific legacy. But it was never his nature to share his was his nature to love, and protect, and shelter, and provide security...and love...pure, unadulterated, unconditional, no matter what you did, it's the other person's fault and I still love you above all others kind of love...the kind of love that I want to pass along to my children...the kind of love that I learned from experiencing it through him. My one one that I pass that kind of unconditional love along to my sweet baby girls...and I'll be sure to let them know every day of their lives what kind of example I had to follow. Pop, I love you...and I miss you...and I'd give anything to have you back with me...and I know in my heart that where you are, you can feel the kind of love from me that I've always felt from you. Say hello to Jesus for me.

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