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Me and My Girls

On this page is my heart and soul. These precious little girls are the best part of me. On those days when I don't think a whole lot of myself or the things I've accomplished in life, I can look at them and know that they ARE what I've accomplished in life. Does anything else really even matter at all?

These are some of my favorite pictures of my girls

Ashby Ellice


Kelby Grace

Kylee Elizabeth


Kelby and Kylee


Annistyn Amelia (we call her Anni)



You tell me...whose smile do they have? ;)



Kelby and Kylee

Me, when I was cute ;)

Me again...guess the black and white gives that away, huh :P




More recent pictures

This is Ashby, my oldest daughter.I call her toothead. She's eight years old and is in the second grade. She's the most like me of my four girls; very intense and very ANAL :P. Ash can outkick, outthrow, and outrun any boy you want to put against her. She's brilliant as well; you oughtta hear this little girl read!


This is Kelby Grace. I call her Gidget. She's seven and is in first grade. Kelby used to be really quiet and shy, but she's come out of that (I can't figure out WHERE they get this outgoing stuff from). Also goes to show you that twins aren't always opposites. ;) This is a smart little girl too...she's learning how to sound out words all by herself!


This is Kylee, my little Peanut. She's also seven years old and in first grade. Kylee is like me too, but mostly only the really good parts. ;) She loves to draw and is really good at it! She's smart as a whip too and has neater handwriting than I do!


This is Anni, known around here as Booboo. (NOT because she wasn't planned :P) She's eighteen months old now, and is quite the 'monkeyshine' as my grandfather would have said.

Mommy and her girls :)


Since the day the twins were born, I've tried to instill in my girls the importance of their relationships with one another. I've always encouraged them to take care of each other...if one of them was hurt when they were younger, I'd call the 'stitters' as Ashby used to call them to come help me comfort whoever was hurt. As a result, they comfort each other now. I've always encouraged them to be kind to one another...if someone's feelings get hurt, I help them talk it out and verbally express their feelings. As a result, I hear things like "YOU REALLY HURT MY FEELINGS!" (I consider this a good thing, by the I've always encouraged them to support one cheer each other praise each others efforts. As a result, one of them can walk into the kitchen before school with four different hair clips in her hair that don't EVEN match, and her sisters will gently suggest that she go find a purple one instead of laughing at her. When one laughs, they all laugh. When one cries, they all cry. It seems at times that they are four parts of a whole. To me, that is my greatest success in life...knowing that I've encouraged and nurtured their relationships with one another. That's my gift to them. Loving each other the way they do is their gift to me.


So what do you think? Do they look like their Mom?

Haven't taken the hint yet?? SIIIIIIIIIIIGN PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!

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