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Chat Buddies


This seems as good a spot as any to place this; it's something I've been pondering for some time...but it's been on my mind more and more lately. Have ya'll ever seen for instance...someone at the Wal Mart service desk...who audibly SIGHS when it takes longer than they think it should for them to be waited on? Doesn't that irritate ya? Well, it sure does irritate me. Every time I see it, I want to say...'Remember KINDERGARTEN? When you learned to wait your TURN?' It's amazing that as adults we can forget the lessons that we were SUPPOSED to learn way back when...and that we can revert back to some of the MOST immature and hurtful behaviors without even realizing we've done it. I'm not talking about goofing off and having's nice to forget you're an adult once in awhile and just LAUGH...what I'm talking about is the other stuff...the bratty, I didn't pay attention or learn to play well with others in Kindergarten stuff. Things like disregarding another person's feelings...which is easy enough to do online I guess...or even worse, intentionally trying to hurt someone...just because we don't stop to think that the typed words we see on this screen are connected to real people with real feelings. Or things like judging someone...when we don't know a thing about them really...and it doesn't matter if we don't like them or if they don't like us...what matters is that we consider whenever we have any kind of contact with another human being that no matter what, we can never REALLY walk a mile in their shoes. The funny thing is...we can revert back to the Kindergarten behaviors and hurt people all day long without a thought...but when it comes to forgiveness, forgetting, or apologizing, we're NOTHING like Kindergarteners. Too bad, huh. We choose to grow out of the good stuff and hang on as tightly as we can to the bad stuff. Maybe we all need to go back to Kindergarten. ;)

Brats Little Sister

My first official chat friend.


The co-kegel queen...
her hubby's smilin for a REASON...hehe


Hubba huuuuubbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaah ;)
Honey, where the heck have you BEEN?


My "almost neighbor", and one of the sweetest men
I've met in my life. :)

Fanny and Dirt

See! Cott isn't the only good thing
to come out of arKANsuss. :


She HAD to be my sister in a previous life...
*tosses funny da pringles can*

Moooooooooore friends...

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