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"Life is a journey, not a destination." That's from Amazing by Aerosmith. I think it's true, and I admire people who are courageous enough to live their lives as journeys instead of waiting around for life to come to them. This page was inspired by all my friends who live the journey and help me to do the same, laughing a lot along the way...THANKS--I LOVE YOU GUYS!! My kids, Cris, Ashby, Kelby, Kylee, and Anni, you are my reasons for living!! The words I love you don't even come close to telling you what's in my heart.

The following pages have always been sort of a tribute to my family and friends...and I haven't updated most of the site since I first did it...=P...I'm SUCH a I'm doing it NOW! :D Anyway, I've added to the link for my online guys don't have any idea how much you all mean to me...I love you ALL!!!!!!!



Our Beautiful Children
Annistyn Amelia, eating yogurt all by herself! She'll be two September 9, 2004!

Ashby Ellice, my oldest daughter...she says this is what I look like when I'm mad!

Kelby Grace, my oldest seven year old. Someone stole her other front tooth!

Kylee Elizabeth, my youngest seven year old. Don't let that sweet expression fool ya...more often than not, what I see from her is

The Rest of My Family
Me and my husband, Scott

Me and my Dad

My brother, Rick. Yes, he always acts like this.

My sister, Leigh-An, and her husband, Curt. The poor
girl has no middle name... my parents
didn't like her well enough to think of one. :P

My only niece, Madison...isn't she a doll?!

My nephew Atticus...what a cheeser! This is his 'sad' face.

My other nephew, Eli the genius. :D

Momo, my grandmother :)

Pop, my granfather, with Anni

Pop again :)



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