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Johnson Information Index

Johnson's with Cherokee Lineage INDEX
**ONLY a name index will be given here, if you want roll #'s or extra info you need to look it up yourself!!!**
The following information is for genealogy purposes only and may NOT be reproduced without prior consent.
From the books: Cherokee Roots Vol. 1 Eastern Cherokee Rolls
From the book: Cherokee Roots Vol. 2 Western Rolls
both books by Bob Blankenship
****Please keep in mind that if your persons name is NOT on a roll then it is likely they are NOT Cherokee OR they did not want to claim it.****

The following information is credited soley to the books listed above and not for sale. IF you would like a copy of one of these books you can find them at any national chain bookstore or by writing the author Bob Blankenship.
If you'd like more details concerning any indian name on any roll from these Cherokee Index Records, you can write or call the following, please keep in mind there is a fee.: Cherokee Names and Facts P.O. Box 525 Cherokee, NC 28719 (*note the author can also be reached at the same address to order books, etc.) phone (828)497-9709; they can offer Expert Help for a fee.

Or you can access records from the NAIL site at when it asks for search keyword = type in the Roll you want looked up then go from there for the name. Or you can write the national archives and pay a fee to get a copy of the roll.

The rolls are not going to be lost for ever as some researchers have been mis-informed. They are preserved by the Cherokee Nation and the National Archives. All rolls have been copied and mico-filmed/fished for future generations to enjoy. When in doubt ask the Cherokee Nation directly!

**Eastern Rolls are for the Eastern band, and include North Carolina.

EASTERN Roll Index
(**All spellings are as spelt on rolls.)
(***Only the surname JOHNSON will appear on this page.)

Reservation Roll 1817
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, Sally

Emigration Roll 1817
Johnson, Benijamin
Johnson, George

Henderson Roll 1835
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Roman Nose

Mullay Roll 1848
JOHNSON, Ail E Hih; Aleck; Annah; Catharine; Celia; Jakey; Jehkeh; Jinney; Naney; Nelly; Sally
Siler Roll 1851
JOHNSON, AN NA; Anna; Caroline; Caroline; Caroline; Caroline; Catharine; Cicero; Elijah; Ellick; Lucy; Mary; Mary; Mary; Mild; Nancy; Nelly; Nick; Ross; Sarah; Sarah A.; Sarah A.; Sarah H.; Saura; See Lee; Tabitha; Tabitha; Tobitha; TY YA NIH; WA KEH; WAH LO NEE TEH; William.

Chapman Roll 1852
JOHNSON, Anna; Caroline; Catharine; Charlotte; Cicero; Dess; Elijah; Eliza; Ellick; Laura; Lucy; Milo; Nelly; Nick; WAH LOO NEE TAH; Wakeh; William

Swetland Roll 1869
JOHNSON, Cartherine; CHAR LOT TIH; Cicero; Dudley A.; Ester; Issac J.; Jessie J.; Mary Elizabeth; Romeelus M; Viviean; William Monroe; IH; IH AH HEU WEE NA TAH; IH SALLIE

Hester Roll 1883
JOHNSON, Aaron; CATAH GE SKIH; James; LO SIH; Margaret; Nelly; Richard; WIlliam

Churchill Roll 1908
JOHNSON, Addison; Caroline; Cider; Dona; Ella; Frank J.; Isaac; James; Jennie; Jennie; Jimpsie; Lilliam; Simon; Stephen; Taskigee; Tempe; William; Yolinda; Yona

Guion Miller Roll 1909
JOHNSON, Addison; Anna R.; Caroline; Charlie M.; China; Cider; Dora; GO LIN DIE; Isaac; James; James N.; Jennie; Jessan SIM DE HART; Jimpsie; Jona; Lunchi; Richard C.; Seeg; Stephen; Tempa; Thomas C.

Baker Roll 1924
JOHNSON, Addison; Charles; Dora Saunooke; Frank T. Russel; Isaac; Jonah; Joseph Lawrence; Lloyd Henry; Magaret Geneva; Rebecca Loudermilk; Sally Oosowee; Sussie; Tom; Tuskegie; Yona

WESTERN Cherokee Roll Index

Old Settler Roll 1851
(*those already in Oklahoma before the remainder of indians arrived from the trail of tears.)
JOHNSON, Cicero; Emily J.; Nancy; Andrew; Elizabeth John; Martha; Penelope; Richard; Sarahe; Margaret; Mary; Randolph; Ruth; Katy; Quaky

Drennen Roll 1852
(*census for Trail of Tears)
JOHNSON, Susan; Jinny; Cecily; Delila; Eliza; Magarette; Tooker; Betsey; Jinny; Albert M.; George R.; Susan

Dawes/Guion Miller Roll 1898-1914
JOHNSON, Ada L.; Albert; Albert M.; Alcy; Alcy A.; Alec; Alice; Alice; Allen; Alonzo; Alta L.; Andrew; Andrew A.; Annie; Annie; Anna B.; Annie; Annie B.; Annie E.; Arthur T.; Belle; Benijamin; Berry H.; Bertha M.; Bessie; Betsey; Betsey; Betsey; Betsie; Bettie; Blue; Bulah M.; Callie M.; Calvin; Carl F.; Carl F.; Carrie L.; Charles; Charles P.; Charley; Charlotte F.; Charlotte T.; Cherokee C.; Cherrie; Cicero; Cicero L.; Claud M.; Claude; Claude V.; Clem; Clifford; Clint; Cloud; Cora E.; Cordelia; Cyntha; Dannie L.; Darkey; Daey Pear Dave; Dave; David; David L.; Davis; Dudley; Edith M.; Edmond F.; Edward; Elcy; Elizabeth; Ella; Ella; Ella L.; Ellis R.; Elony; Emma; Emma May; Ernest E.; Ethel May; Everett H.; Fannie; Fannie F.; Flora D.; Flora L.; Florence; Florence E.; Francis C.; Frank; Frank; Frank M.; Frankie; Frederick W.; George; George; George H.; George J.; George T.; George W.; George W.; George W.; Georgia Lee; GOING TO RAIN; Grace M.; Grady; Henry; Henry; Henry; Henry; Henry A.; Howward B.; Hugh; Isaac; Jacob E.; James; James B.; James Dewey; James M.; James R.; James Ralph; James Z.; Jennie; Jennie; Jennie; Jennie; Jennie; Jesse; Jesse; Jessie; Jessie M.; Joe; Joe; John; John; John A.; John A.; John B.; John B.; John Doss; John H.; John H.; John L.; John Son; John T.; John W.; John W.; John W.; John W.; Joseph; Joseph F.; Joseph H.; Joseph R.; Joseph T.; Joseph W.; Joseph Jr.; Josephine B.; Josie; Josie; Julia; Kadie; Katie; L.W.; Lafayette; Lafayette L.; Lanetta; Lee; Lela O.; Leo; Leonidas R.; Levi; Lewis; Lillie; Lillie E.; Little; Lizzie; Lizzie; Lizzie; Lizzie; Louis C.; Lucinda; Lucy; Lucy; Lucy; Luella J.; Lula; Lura M.; Maggie; Maggie; Maggie Roach; Mamie A.; Mandy; Margaret; Margaret; Margaret E.; Marth J.; Martha; Martha A.; Martha E.; Martha E.; Martha N.; Martin; Mary; Mary; Mary; Mary; Mary B.; Mary B.; Mary B.; Mary E.; Mary J.; Mary J; Maud; Maud E; May; Miah; Mike; Mina M; Minnie; Minnie L; Minnie M; Mollie S; Myrtle; Morris S; Nancy; Nannie; Napoleoon B; Nellie; Nellie; Nettie; Nora; Oliver W; Ora; Oscar; Oscar E; Ottis; Patsy; Paul; Peggie; Peggie; Peggie; Peggy; Percy L; Polly; Polly; Quatie; Rachel; Rachel; Ray; Rebecca; Rebecca; Rebecca A.; Rebecca Catherine; Redbird; Richard W; Rloy C; Robert E; Robert E; Robert H; Robert L; Rosevelt; Ross; Ross; Roy R.; Roy W; Sam; Sampson; Samuel; Samuel; Samuel M; Samuel M; Samuel M; Sherman; SI-WI; Stephen; Stonewall J.; Susi; Susie; Theodore L; Thomas; Thomas; Thomas; Thomas E; Thomas F; Thomas J; Thomas W; Tom; Tom; Tribble Byrum; Truly V.; Truman; Venie; Viola; Viola; White; Wilda; Wilda; Wilda; Will; William; William; William; William; William A; William B.; William E; William I; William M; William R; William O; Winnie V.

------------------------end of rolls----------------

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