Andrew's Kayaking and Outdoors
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Andrew's Kayaking and Outdoors Page

This page is for people who enjoy kayaking and the outdoors. I have some pretty cool links so why don't you try them out. Also, please check out my Photography and HIKING sections.

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Kayaking and Outdoor Products


Dagger kayaks and canoes and other paddleing products.


Perception kayaks and other paddleing products.


The L.L. Bean online catalog. Lots of products from clothes to outdoor gear.


The Orvis online catalog. Great place for flyfishermen and women.

REI (Recreation Equipment Inc.)

The REI online catalog. Lots of camping and backpacking gear and clothes.


Hunting, fishing, and outdoors gear.

NOC(Nantahala Outdoors Center)

A great place for all types of paddlers. Based in North Carolina on the Nantahala River. They have great gear and service!

NRS(Northwestern River Supply)

Another great place for all paddlers, but its in the western part of the country.

Cascade Whitewater

A really cool company I just discovered.

Borealis River Guides

For that Alaskan rafting trip we all want to take.

Other Kayaing and Outdoor Pages

Great Outdoors

One of the most extensive outdoor sites I've ever seen. It has an awsome section on kayaking.


A really cool site for all types of whitewater paddling.

Ocoee Outdoors

A great rafting tour company. Trust me I've gone with them before.

The American Whitewater Association

The best "org." site I've ever been to.

If you have a cool link to add or just want to say "Hi", please email me!

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Andrew's Hiking Page


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