Homemade Toys for your Hamster
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A fun way to save money and use your imagination is to make toys at home for your hamster. Remember that nothing should have sharp edges or toxic substances. You also never want to use things that could suffocate your pet (like a plastic bag) to construct a toy. Keep in mind that hamsters love to burrow, nest, and use their boundless energy while playing. So the following are some things you can use to make your own original toys:
Paper bags
Shoe boxes
Toliet paper tubes
Wrapping paper rolls
Old slippers

Since hamsters love to exercise and explore their surroundings, you can satisfy this need by making mazes using these supplies. So be creative, and have fun! You can use non-toxic glue to connect the ends of the rolls/boxes together. But you should let the finished product dry completely and air out before you give it to your hammy. Also be sure to make the toy big enough so that your hamster can fit through it easily.
Another fun toy for climbing and hiding can be made out of facial tissue boxes with different sized holes cut into the sides. You can glue the boxes together and place them side by side or stack them on top of eachother. The possibilities are endless! You all are always welcome to email me with your different ideas, or perhaps your hamsters' reactions to your ingenious creations.
Here is a specific hamster toy that you can place right in your hamster's cage! :)
How to Make a Zig-Zag Tube

You will need:
2 toilet paper tubes or a paper towel tube cut in half
sheet of white paper
non-toxic glue

How to Make It:
Push the point of the scissors through the cardboard tube about 1/2 inch on one end.
Cut along an imaginary slanting line from that hole to the rim of the opposite side of the tube. Make a similar slanting cut in the opposite direction, allowing a piece of cardboard to fall off.

Cut one end of the other tube in the same way.
Glue the cut ends of the tubes together so that they form an angle.
Let the tunnel dry completely and air out before presenting it to your hamster. :)

When your hamster gets used to playing in this zig-zag, you can make a longer one with three or even four tubes.

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