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Aggressive Skating

Ben's Aggressive Skating Page

Aggressive skating is the kick ass sport that leaves all other sports in the ditch. It is not only a sport, it is a life and an attitude. In-line skating is the only way to go though 'cause skateboarding SUCKS. My personal prefference of skates are the razor, or the K2 skates. They both are awesome skates. I am currently skating on K2 Style Points Bobs with Meatz East Coast/West Coast Wheels and Medium Glass Arrows midgets and Humor Truck Abec-3 Bearings. I have also skated on Fattys, Razor Flats, Impact 300s, Rollerblade Dirks, K2 Backyards and others. DO NOT get Fattys, the plastic wears away way too quickly. Rollerblade skates also aren't very good. So go for either Razor or K2 skates.

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Here are the K2 skates (Click to see the image.)
The Fatty
The Fatty Pro
The Backyard
King 55
The Style Point Bobs