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Links & Special Thanks

Timmy Ho

何寶生個人主頁 by Priscilla Tang

Homepage of Legend of Master Chai (濟公) by Xuan Nguyen

Romance of White Haired Maiden Themesong by TVB

Timmy Ho's Discussion Forum by Diane Duong

Maureen's Voting Booths of Timmy:

Timmy Ho's Best Acting Performance

The Character I like Most

Timmy Ho at his Cutest!

Ada Choi

Ada Collections by JoJo

TVB Artist: Ada Choi by TVB

Ada's Paradise by Clarence & Tweety

Discussion Forums: by Clarence & Tweety

My Favorite Links


Music MilkyWay

HK Stars Discussion Forums

Iwanbeo's Dream World by Wanda(LYC)

何寶生個人主頁 by Priscilla Tang

Ada Collections by JoJo

Special Thanks to.....

Wanda(LYC)--Helped me w/ my hp.

Priscilla--My hp won't be finishin' that early w/o her info of Timmy. Thanks for ur help once again!!!

Kang--Provided me some pics of Timmy & Ada.

Tracy--Wrote a summary of the "Romance of the White-Hair Maiden....even though I haven't put it up on my hp yet.