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  • Born on November 15.
  • With a rich businessman father, mother is a fengshui expert employed by wealthy business people in HK.
  • Has one younger sister.
  • Came back to Hong Kong after studied Interior Design in Canada.
  • Joined TVB...Host in Entertainment Program.
  • Wong Fei Hong Returns
  • First Cantonese CD
  • I guess this is the year he dated Leung Wing Lam.
  • Yang Women Warriors
  • 2nd Cantonese CD
  • Fate of Last Empire
  • Swordsman Lai Bo Yee
  • I guess this year he already parted with Leung Wing Lam
  • Romance of the White Hair Maiden
  • Change of Fate
  • Man of Wisdom II
  • To Love With Love
  • I guess he made friends with Mak Cheong Ching during the series called "Change of Fate".
  • According to the news, they also opened numerous pet shop together (I think the name of the animal is dragon cat!) But the shop closed down due to poor business later in the year.)
  • There might be a 3rd CD during this time.
  • His meditation experience which led him to change all his bad habits is during this period.
  • State of Divinity
  • Working Women
  • Legend of Master Chai
  • War and Remembrance
  • DIF III (episode 17-18)
  • I Can't Accept Corruption
  • Untraceable Evidence
  • Measure of Love
  • Moments of Endearment (episode 1-2)
  • Till When Do Us Part
  • May--
    • latest CD, also contains some Mandarin Songs
  • September--
    • TVB travelogue program (Austraila) together w/ Felix Wong.
  • October--
    • Quit TVB; closed his computer business in China...also sold 2 of his cars...
    • Nov--Rumors about his wanting to become a monk (started by AppleDaily) Timmy's mom, got influenced by him, became a vegetarian too.
  • March--
    • News about him becoming friends w/ Yip Chi Meng, the father of Timmy's friend George Yip(the manager of Fei Tou Record Company, who died in car accident).
    • His father got influenced by Timmy to become vegetarian, taking refuge in the same meditation teacher, going to the same temple and occasionally, discussing Buddhist scriptures together...News about him still going for meditation retreat in Wuhan.
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