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A brief History of the Stones River Battle and the War in Murfreesboro, Tenn.
The Battle For Murfreesboro

Spirits still linger in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Ghost of battlefields.....residual hauntings......Troops of Michigan Militia.......two ladies in a carriage find camp......

The year was 1862. The citizens of Murfreesboro, Tennessee were going about their regular lifestyles, planting crops, shopping, going to church. All seemed safe and far from the war to them. But they had no idea how valuable that railway system looked to the Federalists. And if one positioned himself directly across the street from it, where the national cemetery now stands, they would have a good shot at it to seize and build a earthworks to take control of it. That is what happened in the winter of that year. Troops were told to kill anyone who attempted to hinder their work in any way. And if need be they would blow up the courthouse which they were using as a field hospital. The courthouse mentioned still stand on the spot of that war. The casualities were as follows: 13,249 from Michigan, 10,266 confederates.
This is the roll of troops from Michigan at Stones River Battlefield in 1862.

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