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Sunday, September 1, 2002
It's been a very busy weekend. Yesterday we went town shopping and omg I am in love with this little town. It would only be 20 miles from Nissan so it would be alot easier on Greg, and I could be "back home" in about an hour or so, I guess I could live with that lol. This little town is just too cute, i don't know how to describe the town to give ya'll a good mental image, but they have 1 little convenience store and that's all but if you run out of anything at night you best get ready to drive 20 miles lol.After we looked for a house and stuff then we went shopping.
Shopping with all 3 kids and Greg is not my idea of fun lol. I finally found me some shoes tho, after reading Susie's posts about Skechers I decided to give those a shot and I must say she was right :) Thanks Susie! I decided I liked them so much we had to get 'Taye and Bubba a pair, we were gonna get Angela some too but couldn't find her size :( I'm not givin up yet tho, I told Greg last night that we gotta go find me another pair when he gets another free weekend so hopefully we can find her some then. I do believe I've lost my mind wanting to go shopping again so soon.
Don't ya'll jut love the new Patriotic blinkies from Susie? I just love her little bears, Thanks for sharing your little sweeties Susie!
Well I'm off to try to get some updates done on the site and then hope I can catch up on my reads since I missed most of them yesterday. Have a wonderful day ya'll :)

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By Aretha

Monday, September 2, 2002
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :) Today has been basically quiet here, my Sweet-pea had to go back to work tonight and I miss him already, but don't tell him I said that lol.
I've been giving alot of thought to permanently closing down my Blinkie Alley, there are too many people that agree to the rules and then just flat ignore them and I am just completely frustrated by it.
Sorry about that ya'll, I know this isn't a public gripe-a-thon.
On to better news.. I should be redecorating at least part of my site within the next few days, as soon as the new graphics arrive :) Can ya tell I'm excited lol
Well I'm off to catch up on a few reads and maybe pester my little buddy Suzanne before I have to go "nigh-nigh" as Angela says lol.Have a great night ya'll :)

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By Aretha

I just couldn't wait to redecorate with Susie's darling Autumn Teddy Set, he was just too adorable to wait until morning :)
I added a new blinkie on the left from Lisa I think it says what alot of people are thinking.
Well I'm off to bed now, it's back to playing chauffeur in a few hours. Have a great day ya'll :)

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By Aretha

Tuesday, September 3, 2002
Mercy, I can't believe I'm posting twice and it's not mid-night lol. I've been working on the blog for awhile, adding some new little sweeties I got from Andrea & Susie over at their new Blink'ums & Buddies. I am just in love with Susie's little bears and they just fit perfectly with the new graphics :)
Well I will toddle off now, I need to clean the house a bit & try to finish a blinkie rack for sweet Suzanne.
Have a great Wednesday everyone :)

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By Aretha

Wednesday, September 4, 2002
Hard to believe it's Wednesday already. We're skipping school again today since both girls still have fevers, hopefully one more day at home will help her get better.

Today I feel like " an ol' sappy fool". Greg just called and told me that we've been approved for a home loan, yes this is a wonderful thing and I know I should be celebrating since we've never had "our own home" before but....Now we will be on a mission to find a house. I know I said I loved this little town we went and looked at over the weekend, and I still do. Yes, here comes the whine.. I don't want to leave home! I've never lived anywhere but here, and now I can't stop sobbing at the thoughts of having to leave.
I'm off to raise the stock in kleenex now, just wanted to make a quick post in case I disappear for the rest of the day so ya'll would know why. :(

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By Aretha

Friday, September 6, 2002
I have to start by saying thank you to everyone who has dropped by and left a note or sent a thought my way, I don't have the words to express how very much I appreciate all the support. I do know that in the long run this move will probably be best for the entire family, I'm really trying to concentrate on the positives and be thankful that we are finally able to buy a home, and even more thankful that I am blessed by all you wonderful ladies who have helped me see the bright side.
Ok enough of my silliness and on to other things :)
Look what my dear friend Suzanne surprised me with yesterday morning, isn't she just the cutest?

I tell ya Suzanne is definitely spoiling me rotten ;) I can't say thank you enough!
If you would like to adopt my little darling just click on her and you will be zipped over to my site :)
Well I'm off to try to work on the blinkie rack, I tell ya I'm slower than molasses in a hard freeze lol. I will try to get by and visit everyone tonight.
Thank you all again for all the support!! Angel huggs!!

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By Aretha

Sunday, September 8, 2002
It's been another tiresome weekend here in DeVoe's Demented Land lol. The kids and Greg apparently got together to see what might drive me crazy faster lol. We went and looked at a house yesterday, to sum it up I'll just say the search continues lol. On the way down we went the backroad (not our idea) and we got behind a tractor well this idiot didn't have enough sense or decency to pull over and let everyone go on so Greg determined the guy must have the I.Q. of a slug lol. The trip home was such a thrilling experience..NOT! lol. Riding along listening to the kids try to kill each other I decide to look over at "Genius", never expecting anything out of the ordinary and what is this idiot hubby of mine doing? going down the road with a straw up his nose!!! rotf Well that right there threw my temper out the window and I'm still giggling about how he looked, sittin there looking all innocent like I was imagining things lol. Hey it got the kids to stop fighting and start laughing for awhile. Why am I telling this since I am kinda embarrassed? well I figured I'd let ya know that I'm not the only nut-job here lol and cause as peculiar as it was that was my weekend ;)
Well I'm off to the drawing board got too many projects going. I'll try to get a chance to drop by and visit everyone tonight before I nod off :)

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By Aretha

Monday, September 9, 2002
I often wonder why no one ever told me being a good mom is harder than it looks. I am really battling a decision here with Chantaye and school. She was reciting The Pledge of Allegiance tonight and as I sat here listening to her it was like my heart was breaking. I may have made a wrong decision with her, but I feel in my heart it is right, I have told her from now on when they recite The Pledge that she is not to leave out the words UNDER GOD. I don't want to make things more difficult for her at school, but I just can't help but feel that it is wrong to tell her she CAN NOT say it. I guess this is something I will battle for quite some time to come.

I will stop rambling on now, I have so many other things on my mind, wondering if I've made wise decisons or if it was a completely idiotic decision that I wish I had a delete key for my brain tonight, I'm just glad the other things are not "mommy decisions".
Sorry for such a bummer post, guess I should stay in my rocking chair when my mind is this over-worked. Have a great night ya'll.

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By Aretha

Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Just wanted to post a little update about 'Taye's day at school. She went up to her teacher first thing this morning before Pledge time and told her "My mommy says I HAVE TO & WILL say Under God", she said the teacher looked at her funny and said well ok if your mommy told you to. I of course got a huge kick out of this as I could almost imagine the determined look on her face and the shock on the teacher's lol, of course I have known most of the teachers in this school since I was in kindergarten myself :)
I want to say THANK YOU! to everyone who said a prayer or sent a thought for my baby, I told her about the little tags and her little face lit right up :) Thank you bunches!

I'm gonna try to squeeze in a few more visits before I have to go play lol, Chantaye finally got her gift (from aug.) from Greg's mom, it's a cute little ranch thingy lol it's real cute it even all folds up into this case thing and has wheels so you can pull it along. I tell ya I am beginning to hate the term "some assembly required" please I felt like I could've built a barn by the time I got this crazy thing together lol.
Have a good night everyone :)

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We practiced The Pledge quite a few times on the ride in this morning and now I am just waiting for the phone to ring lol.
Andrea asked if she really isn't supposed to say Under God now, as far as we know she isn't supposed to. I'm not sure how it came about last night but she was here while I was trying to draw and she was reciting The Pledge, after she finished I told her to come closer and speak up (she mumbles lol) and to do it again, well she did and she left out "Under God", I told her that was not the way we do it and so I recited it for her, after I finished she said no we don't say that anymore. Now I agree that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions and I think she should be allowed to use "Under God" if she wants to. I have told her that she is to ALWAYS leave "Under God" in and if they have a problem they can call mommy ;)
In some ways I am worried about the fact that they give her a punishment instead of calling me, but if they do I think maybe they would rather wrestle a bear than me lol.
Just a little note on the history of prayer issues here, a much respected and admired football coach always had prayer with his team before a game, well after they passed the no prayer thing coach went ahead and had prayer and he was fired, even tho it was not forced upon anyone, so now you can see why I am kinda worried about her.

If there are any major developments I will let ya'll know, please say a little prayer or send a thought to my baby that she will have the strength to be strong.

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By Aretha

Thursday, September 12, 2002
Hope everyone had a good Thursday :) It wasn't anything exciting here, just the usual wishing we could go ahead and move out of this mad-house my little town is gettin way too big for its britches lol.
Brace yourselves... Chantaye informed me she has a boy-friend lol most of the time I would think aww how cute right? well not this time, the lil nut-ball comes off with oh well now I can hug & kiss him! I asked her if she was drunk or high lol I tell ya she must be out-side her mind with that one. Her solution was she would just put me in a cage so she could do what she wanted to, ugh. In a way this is comical, course you need to see the expression too, but in another way it's not real funny, I mean land sakes alive shes 8 years old! why on earth is she thinkin about kissin some lil ol boy? lol On the other hand this little boy-friend might come in quite handy since she's dealin with a bully, since the teacher ain't done squat about it yet.
Oh heaven sakes I've done all this ramblin and aint really said much lol so I think I shall go and get Greg's junk together for work and *hopefully* get some more updating done on the site.
I got a little gift from my dear friend Faith, it's right over there on the left side, isn't it cute? Thanks sweetie :)
Have a good one ya'll and I will try to get some visits in tonight :)

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By Aretha

Friday, September 13, 2002
So far it's been a quiet day here, I actually got Greg to go in to pick Chantaye up this afternoon since he has tonight off.
I have so much work to do on my site but just can not seem to get it together. I've got the graphics sitting here waiting to be used but I think I need a good swift kick to get moving lol. ya'll just sit back down I didn't say I was looking for volunteers rotf ;)

I finally managed to get 1 angel crocheted last night now I just have to finish the assembly on her, I really wanted to get more made but I guess I'm just getting too lazy.
Well I'm off to try to get in a few visits and get a few things done before Greg & Chantaye come home. Have a great night everyone :)

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By Aretha

Saturday, September 14, 2002
I actually had a relatively quiet day. I have been home all day which was a welcome change from the usual. Greg took Bradley for a hair-cut, and did the usual stuff he does on the weekends. I stayed here with the girls and actually got some things accomplished. I finally managed to get the majority of the site redecorated for fall, all that needs attention now is the adoptions and the about me page, which hasn't been redone in months. I worked on a little cottage and a couple of girls for a special project, now I need to work on a scene, but I am terrible at trees and grass and such, course I don't think I can draw all that well anyway but some things are just graphic disasters lol.
Well I'm off, now wait a minute I heard that stifled giggle! lol we all know I'm "off" but..maybe I should rephrase that lol I'm gonna toddle off and try to squeeze in a few visits and maybe call it an early night.
Have a great night & wonderful Sunday :)

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By Aretha

Monday, September 16, 2002
Hope everyone had a good Monday, it wasn't anything special here just a regular old day. The only thing different is my temper is rather stirred up. A little warning, I'm in gripe mode so you might want to skip over this lol.
Do ya'll ever notice how people do selection tutorials and then act like they just invented electricity? Then there are people who use other's work, sometimes even copyright images and turn right around and sell it as their own. I'm not saying that I've never used a tutorial before, but I also have never went around acting like I'm the cat's meow with a danged selection image. Sorry for the grumpified growling post, but this just ticks me off and I think these people need a good strong lecture!
I know I stand a good chance of offending some people here and probably getting some rude e-mails, but it needed said and I've never been one to keep my mouth shut.
Now I'm off to try to make a few visits and try to catch up on other stuff too. Have a great night everyone :)

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By Aretha

Wednesday, September 18, 2002
Yep I'm back again lol. I got a few little gifts to add to the blog so I thought I'd make a quick post.
When I went to pick 'Taye up from school I got a decent parking place so I could walk up and get her instead of waiting in that long line, anyhow.... here she comes amblin' down the steps and what do I see? she was holdin hands with this "boy-friend" of hers! Always "tactful" rofl, 1st thing I said to her was "what are you doin holdin hands with that lil ol' boy?" Course I get the "you're an idiot look" lol turns out this is THE boyfriend. His name is Cody and I will admit he's cute as a little button, but I don't think I'm ready for all this hand holdin and such, I mean she's still my baby but now I feel about 100 years old! lol
I think I'll see if this ancient old soul can manage to walk over to the rockin chair without assistance and sit and reminisce about "the good old days" ;)
Oh Susie, I will "talk" to ya real soon hon I've got all kinds of news to share lol
Have a good one ya'll! :)

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Good Morning ya'll! It's another foggy rainy day here in hicksville lol, yesterday & last night the storms just wouldn't stay gone and then when the weather did calm down my power went off yet again grr, of course this event sparked a household wake-up call for all the kids.
I am feeling rather inspired today thanks to a special friend ;) so I have lots of work to do, but I wanted to say thank you to a couple of very special ladies who are wonderful friends :)
I'm off to "work" and hope I can get some progress made before the next storm comes blowin in lol.
Have a great day ya'll :)

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By Aretha

Friday, September 20, 2002
What a nice quiet Friday, so far. I didn't have to take 'Taye to school today which is always a welcome change, so not too awful much to tell except..about yesterday lol. On the way home from school I asked, "did you learn anything?" & "did you watch tv?" Usually when I ask if she learned anything she says nope but we watched tv tho lol. They didn't watch tv yesterday, she informs me the teacher read a book about "George & MAATHA" now of course I busted at this...where on earth is she gettin this accent? It's pretty comical to hear but on the other hand it's like omg 'Taye you are a southerner for pity's sake, but here she sits talkin like somebody from up north or somethin lol. I had barely contained the giggles when all of a sudden this little nut MOOS! I turned to look at her to make sure she hadn't transformed into an alien or somethin and she starts laughin so this set me off again I swear she laughed til she cried and then laughed at that lol.
Oh before I forget I need to answer the question from Alley & Susie...Chantaye is 8 :)
Well I'm off to rest for a bit and hopefully will be able to get back to the computer after bit to try and catch up on email and visits.
Have a great weekend ya'll :)

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By Aretha

Sunday, September 22, 2002
Rollllllllllllllll Tideeeeeeee!!! woohoo we won the game last night!! Oh yeah and the Florida Gators smushed U.T. woohoo again lol! Can ya tell I love my Crimson Tide? and that I'm not real fond of the vols.
Ok enough football for a minute it's been a pretty quiet weekend here Greg had to work Friday night so after he did all the usual town stuff yesterday he come home and was out like a light in no time flat, so I spent the rest of the night workin on angels and giggling with Suzanne. I'm still not awake yet, but I'm tryin really hard lol he brought Angela in to wake me up and she wasn't playing along she crawled up beside me and laid her little head down by mine and started pettin mommy it was too sweet. Well I best scoot Greg & Angela have went to town for a little bit and I need to be somewhat motivated by the time they get back.
Before I go Greg found a little joke yesterday that I just have to share :)

Albert Einstein went to a party and asked people their I.Q. ....he asked this guy and the guy said,"120". Einstein said, "great, we can talk about nuclear fission". then he asked this girl and she said,"110" and he said "great, we can talk about the angle of the worlds axis." and finally he went up to this guy and the guy said,"51" and einstein said,"how bout them vols!"rofl!!

Have a good one ya'll :)

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By Aretha

Monday, September 23, 2002
Hope everyone had a good Monday :) I can't believe it's the first day of fall! The funny part about it usually when we leave for school every morning it's a nice comfy temp outside, but this mornin we were all yellin "I'm COLD!" 'Taye says she saw frost but I didn't notice any, not that that really means anything lol.
It's been kinda dull here today 'Taye didn't sleep much last night so she's been unusually quiet and almost as grumpy as me lol. Little Angela got pretty wound-up this evenin right before I needed to wake Greg up. We have a little squirt bottle that we always have handy for Bradley's cow-licks, she found it on a shelf in our room and decided she needed it, I got her to give it to me and then she started pointing with 1 hand at the bottle and pointing the other at Greg and whispering "Daddy,Now!" So instead of Greg getting woke up like usual my giggling woke him up lol. Angela then decided she just had to get in our bed, now when she gets in there with just me she lays down and is just so precious and sweet my heart could burst, but she didn't do that with him lol. It was too funny she felt the need to go poking on him and bouncing like tigger yelling 'mon daddy 'mon! I know that's not my usual comical story but the look on Greg's face was priceless :)
I do need to apologize to everyone for not getting around on my nightly visits like I should, I'm so sorry ya'll!! I've been working on my special project most of the time when I'm awake, but I promise I will do better about dropping by to visit.
Hope everyone has a great week! :)

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By Aretha

Thursday, September 26, 2002
It's another rainy day here in the south, and I don't mean a nice calm drizzle I mean a flood. yucky! My little 'Taye got sick last night and had a headache :( this child has never complained of a headache except once, poor kid I hope she doesn't end up with migraines. We did have a ball before she got sick tho, on the way home she was telling me about her day and then she got quiet kinda figured she was just tired or something so I turned the radio back on for her then all of a sudden she busts out laughin, I still don't know what was funny, apparently it had something to do with the look on my face? lol she was laughin so hard she couldn't talk, I asked if she was gonna be alright this was apparently the joke of the day cause she only rolled her eyes and laughed harder, I'm still puzzled but must admit I'm giggling thinking about it. After Greg went to work last night she decided that my hair just wouldn't do and she had to fix it so I figure what the heck right? She brushed and fussed and mumbled and nagged me to be still lol I'm not quite sure what she was going for but I ended up with a clip holding the sides up and her saying she gives up, it might've looked ok with a smaller clip or something and if it had laid down but I thought I resembled "Alfalfa" lol.
Well I'm off to try to make a few visits before I go back to work, I've got a deadline now lol and I am slower than molasses in a hard freeze. Oh I will have a little note here later about the special project I keep talking about :)
Have a good one ya'll :)

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By Aretha

Saturday, September 28, 2002
ROLLLL TIIIDE! yes again lol I'm mighty proud of my crimson tide :) I hadn't been too excited about the season since we're under penalty but they are looking mighty good thanks to Coach Fran :)
I got an adorable angel adoption from my sweet friend Claudia today, I added it over there on the left. I also added a daily reads gift from dear Alley on the right, thanks bunches ladies :)
It's been pretty quiet here the past few days, 'Taye "just don't feel good" as she puts it, I kinda think she just wanted some mommy & me time and get out of school so of course I had to oblige her lol. While 'Taye & Bradley were taking a nap this evenin little Angela decided she would provide some entertainment lol. I was sittin over on the couch with Greg and she was munching on some crackers now me sittin with him got her rather ill, she yelled at him for awhile trying to get him to understand the concept of "MY MOMMY" she got over that and then started to "sing" to me it was just too sweet :) Then Greg decides he would sing like she did, this did not go over well at all lol she grabbed/covered her nose and proceeded to make a cross between a snort and sheeeewww lol, guess that's one of sayin "you stink daddy" rofl
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

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