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Thursday, August 22, 2002
It's been a pretty quiet week here, haven't done alot really except try to nap and take 'Taye back and forth to school. I did manage to update a few pages last night, added some new gifts to my Secret Sister page and added a gift page, something I had been meaning to do for quite awhile.
I know this is a rather short post compared to my usual rambling, but got alot on my mind so I will let ya'll off easy and not write a novel lol.
I'm off to do my nightly reads. Hope everyone has a great Friday :)

posted by: Aretha @7:50 p.m.

By Aretha

Tuesday, August 20, 2002
By Aretha
Do you have any collections, and if so, what are they?
I have a good sized collection of Precious Moments. I am rather picky about the pieces Greg buys me, I like for the piece to speak to my heart :)

Good bad notes today lol. It's been a regular ol day here rather peaceful and quiet.
The drive in this morning was pretty un-eventful and 'Taye was ready to go in by herself, but I found a way around that since she's still nervous and I am too cause they go thru the school then out a door and down a breezeway to a gym with no supervision. The day is sounding too good so far huh lol that's what I thought too. The alarm woke me up to go get 'Taye well don't you know I fell plumb off the couch and dang near killed my fool self, it's just great to be me lol
I have discovered I am apparently an idiot magnet rotf cause let me tell you if there's an idiot on the road they will find me. How do people get drivers licenses anymore? I mean for Pete's sake! it's like driving with who's who in mental illness anymore! yes, I know I fit right in that category too lol I just can not get over some of the stupid things I see on the highway. I did end up with a good cackle tho, on the way home we have to pass thru the disctrict school zone for where we live, anyway the deputy is still out there directing traffic, you could tell he wasn't real thrilled about being there, well just as I got even with him he had this look on his face like he was just hoping someone would run him over, I couldn't keep from laughin poor guy I felt kinda sorry for him wonderin if he realized he looked so pitiful lol. Kinda funny how the morning deputy actually seemed to be enjoying himself both times I passed him, course now he looked good enough that he should've been enjoying himself lol. oops did I just say that? I know I'm married, but I ain't plumb dead yet rotf.

posted by: Aretha @4:45 p.m.

Yesterday started off pretty good, I was awake, in a good mood, and kinda hyper... but of course the day did not end so good. I was checking 'Taye's backpack after school and I found a note from the teacher, now I had asked and she said she hadn't been in any trouble, anyway, she sees me pulling out this note and she gets this look like uh-oh busted...I asked what's this the only answer I got was I didn't want you to see that I wasn't gonna give it to you. Well that was enough to tell me it wasn't going to be a note she wouldn't get punished for. Now mind you this is only the actual 4th day of school... here's the note. "Chantaye decided to give herself a haircut this morning. I have her scissors in my desk now." Oh I am still fuming over this! The child is 8 years old for pity's sake, is she ever gonna outgrow this?!?! She did the same blasted thing about a year ago. Why did she do it? I asked her a blue-million times and so did Greg she just gave us that "you're stupid look" and when she would answer it was I don't know. I found the scissors we got her still in the back-pack so this makes me think she's been holding out on her teacher argh! Then while Greg was getting ready for work she was in her room making all kinds of noise and told Greg no it wasn't her it was Angela doing it all. Well I told her she was grounded for 1 week for the hair business and when she lied trying to get the baby in trouble I told her she blew it and there was another week. I swear this child will be the death of me yet, and if I do manage to survive it I can't stand the thoughts of teen years. I know I'm not a perfect mother, but I try to teach my kids right from wrong but where did I go wrong with this child that she thinks its ok to lie? Sorry this wasn't a better post, but this was my day.
posted by: Aretha @2:00 a.m.

By Aretha

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