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Welcome to my adoptions for you.

This adoptable was a gift from my friend Suzanne.
Angel created by Tracy

This adoptable reminded me of Greg & I and a little poem that is special to us

Our First Kiss

I remember the day I remember the place
I remember the thrill as we stood face to face
I remember your lips as moist as the dew
But I can't remember did you close your eyes too

author unknown

This adoptable was a gift from my friend Suzanne.

The adoptables below are made by Keely

Rules for adoption

1.Your site must be Family-friendly and kids-safe.
2.You must always give credit where credit is due.
3.You must not change the graphic in any way.
4.You need to have the no-right click script installed.
5.You must use the logo on the same page as the adoption.
6.You must link the logo to

If you agree to my terms
and would like to adopt one of my little sweeties
just send me an email with
your name,URL,email address
and which adoptable you would like.

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