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You enter the next room and instantly see a change from the other rooms. There are red and green decorations and a Christmas tree in one corner, even though it isn't Christmas.

Christmas music drifts through the air along with the scent of fresh cookies bakeing. The room is so cheery and plesant you completely foget it isn't even Christmas and start singing along with the music. Suddenly a mini enters from a door on the far side of the room.

She is carrying a large tray of Christmas cookies and gingerbread men. As the door opens smells erupt from the room beyond. Cakes and pies and cookies and breads, and other Christmas time smells. *Greetings!* The mini greets you warmly, offering you a cookie, *I am a Winter Magic Mini. I help Santa on Christmas eve. Ever wonder how Santa fits down that chimney?

Well I have the ability to shift Santa's mass, so that no obstacles will keep Old Saint Nick out of that house. I can make Santa long and very thin to fit through tiny pipes or normal size chimney's. Santa not only needs the mei to shift about his wieght, but also those of the toys. How else could all those toys fit into one bag? I condence all that mass so that every toy is put into that bag. However, I can't condence a living creature's mass, only those of non living. Condencing living tissue moakes it hard for our organs to work. So to condence Santa, would kill him. However, shifting Santa's mass only moves things around to make a better fit.* She spouts this off as though she has spoken it several times, she has it memorized. Then she begins to talk in an even warmer and cheerier voice.
*Well, now that that is out of the way,
I really think that I should say,
My name is Merry, can you guess why?
I love to sing, and I love to fly!
I love to celebrate the season
Even when there's no real reason!
I sometimes start to talk in rhyme,
and I celebrate Christmas all the time!
Care for another cookie?*

She is a very plesant creature to chat with and you find yourself becoming lost in conversation. Finally you remember why you came to the castle and decide it is time for you to leave.
*Must you leave, must you go?
Wait! Would you like to see some snow?
No? whell then, be on your way,
but be sure to visit again someday!
I wish you well, be sure of that!
I'll bid you goodbye with a tip of my hat!
But remember one thing, and be sincere:
Keep Christmas with you all through the year!*
With that you cross to the next door.