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The next room is very different from the rest. It is beautiful inside, but always changing. When you first walk in, you seem to be on a beach at sunset, walking along as the ocean rolls in and out. Then you're at a small, outdoor cafe' in Paris at twilight. A small pink and white mini suddenly appears before you. ~I am Lovey, I am a mutant. I have the ability of romantic illusion. I have the ability to make the perfect romantic setting! I can make a beatiful starlit sky shine above a shimmering lake, present a candlelit dinner for two, or I can even create illusions to change a setting to make it appear as though you were sitting on the bank of a romantic lake watching a sunset, or having coffee for two in a charming little french cafe', as you have just seen. I can make the moment perfect for anyone to fall in love! That is my skill. It is limited, but it has its uses.~ The room has changed back into a normal cave, but still very pretty. ~I hope you enjoy your stay here, but I must go, I have to help a friend of mine!~ She smiles mischieviously and flys away.