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Well! Looks like I'm back! It's been over a year I guess since I dropped out of the fights. Now I'm back and it's better than ever! I can't believe how far the TSF has come since I first joined up a few years ago! I've rejoined the Wee Ones, so if you're with the Seryn Isle Elves, you may be seeing me!! I'm glad to be back. Everyone has given me a warm welcome. The funny thing is, I was a Wee One long before most of them, and they're the ones showing me the ropes! That's ok, they're great people! And Seryn Isle is a great team! Hopefully I'll be fighting with them soon as well. I've kept the old Spirit page layout for now, hopefully though I'll have a new design if I ever get back the program I used from a friend of mine! Well, I guess that's all for now! GOOOOOOOO Elves!

I'm back and I'm better than ever!

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The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
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Thanks Wee One Pikkle, Wee One Misty Angel, and Wee One Emerald!!

"We all want happiness. Sure as the air we breathe, there is never only one path towards it. But have you ever noticed that it comes to us when we least expect it? Take some time and let it come to you."
- unknown

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