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Greetings! I am SilverWing, apprentice sorceress to the Sorceress Gryphon. Let me describe myself. I am 17 years old and 5' 7'' with long, long flowing brown hair, which a keep mostly tied back into a long ponytail. I have silver eyes. I not origanlly from the Isle, I came across it much by mistake. I am an orphan; my people from my homeland were killed by an unknown race when I was very young. I learned to fight and fend for myself at a very young age. I had to steal to get by, but only from those who had plenty. I learned to be quick, strong, and agile. One day I came into the aquaintence of an old sorceress who said he would pay me and give me a home if I would work for him, as an apprentice. He was harsh and cruel to me, but it was the only home I had, so I stayed. One day, while he was out, I was cleaning his workroom, a room from which I was forbidded to enter. I found a large book of spells on his table and began to read. I came across a spell which enabled the caster to travel between worlds, or areas. It was a spell to create a temporarry portal. I was sick of his hounding and cruelty, but hadn't the heart to leave. Suddenly I found myself chanting the words in the book. The center of the room became illuminated with a brilliant light which I was suddenly drawn to. I entered the circle of light and found myself here, on Minidragon Isle, with no way to return home. I have made Kalenik my home, and have sworn that if ever I should discover a way to return home and avenge my people's death, I will. I am both fighter and sorceress ( in training). The races of people here are much different than the races from my home. I am mostly shapeshifter now; it seems that the powers of this Isle have enhanced my more recessive traits, as shapeshifters were almost extinc in my home. My heritage is more elven, mixed with a bit of human. It seems there are no elfs here so I rarely ever change myself into full elf, I appear different enough from the normal Isle folk as it is with my poited ears and elven features. But the people here are very kind and accepting, and Gryphon has been kind enough to take me on as her apprentice. I still retain my excellent warrior skills, though I find little need for them here. At home I became very good with survival. I stayed in the woods mostly and became good at communicating with animals, much better that communicating with people. I seem to make people mad when I speak to them because I have a habit of speaking my mind, so I mostly keep my mouth shut when I'm arround others. Well, I don't wish to bore you so I will let you go and speak with my minidragons now. They would love the company. Thank you for your visit! If you would like to visit with my minidragons their dwelling is out back, here.