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She had been foolish to make such an obvious attack. The thing had had plenty of time to get out of the line of danger. It would not be so lucky again. It was the manticora’s turn to charge. It lifted it’s great wings and flew to the ceiling, then swooped down fast at Saleena. She quickly dodged out of the way and tore open the beast’s great wing with her mighty blade. It wouldn’t be flying again for awhile. It let out a screech of agony. Then it charged again, but it was too slow. Saleena jumped over it’s monstrous tail and stabbed it fatally through the chest. She was the victor. Now to make her way back to the throne room.

Meanwhile Jax was having troubles of his own. He found himself in a small room with three doors. From each door he could hear terrible, blood-curdling screams. He grasped the medallion that hung around his neck and suddenly saw a picture of Saleena in terrible trouble. He ran through the center door and right into a skeleton! The evil agent of the dead glared down at him with eyeless sockets. He wasted no time in drawing his sword and slashing through the bones. They scattered, but quickly began to rejoin. He looked desperately around and saw the head. Without that the creature would surely be put out of commission. He grabbed it in mid air as it floated towards its body. He smashed it against the wall. With that the remaining bones blasted to dust. He continued down the hall, following the heart.

Back in the throne room two doors flew open, one on each side of the room. Jax and Saleena burst into the room. When they saw each other they ran to each other and embraced. Sadly their joy was short-lived. An evil cackle filled the air. Then came the voice, “Obviously the two of you are too strong for my beasts and monsters, but how will you fair in a test of your mental capabilities?” They whirled around, but the sorcerer was nowhere in site. Suddenly the walls of the room began to close in around them. They had to act fast or they would find themselves to be closer friends than they had ever ment to be! Jax glanced around the room. A mirror caught his eye. He ran up to it and knocked on the glass. A hollow thud came from it. There was another room opposite that mirror. Saleena’s eye landed on a pedestal on which set a statue of a raven. She grabbed the statue and threw it to the ground. It shattered. Amongst the fragments of porcelain Saleena noticed a glimmer.