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The old man stared at the boy; finally he spoke, “You would be wise to turn back now. An evil sorcerer has made his home in those great hills and none who have dared to oppose him have ever emerged from their depths alive. Still, if you insist upon going, which I know you will if you truly desire knighthood, come inside. I have no food to spare, but I have something that can perhaps be of even more use to you.” The old one returned to the depths of his home, the two travelers following behind. The old man’s home was dark and dusty. Saleena suddenly felt very frightened. “Do not fear me, child,” he said, reading her mind, “I wish you only fortune on your journey. If you suspect me of sorcery, you are correct, but I do not deal in magic of a black sort. My spells are only for the use of good, and my own well being.” he said.

“The sorcerer you should fear is Rajeer. He is the evil man who has taken over the Black Mountains, a once happy place where the magic creatures of the wood could gather and make merry. The mountains were given such a name to scare off intruders. It worked quite well, but had one downfall, it attracted the creatures of evil. The creatures of good were able to ward them off and protect their sacred mountains until the evil sorcerer came. Even with all of there strengths combined, they could not save their beloved home. He called upon all the creatures of darkness and evil and has built a great fortress at the mountain’s peak. Only the purest of heart, truest of soul, the bravest, and the smartest can ever defeat him. I truly hope you are the one. I can give you only these medallions. They will bring you two together if ever you find yourselves lost, for your friendship will be the driving force that shall lead you to victory.” With that he hand each of them a silver medallion, engraved with two friends clasping hands on one side, and a heart on the other. “May I ask your names, please?” he asked. “Jax,” Jax answered, no fear evident in his voice. His name appeared within the heart upon Saleena’s medallion. Saleena paused, hesitant, then answered, “Saleena,” and her name appeared within the heart of Jax’s medallion. “Now you each carry with you the heart of the other. Nothing can tear you apart. Remember this. There is but one other thing I can do to help you.” He waved his hand in the air and suddenly the adventurous couple found themselves standing at the base of a very large, very dark, mountain.