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A key! She had no idea what it went to, but she didn’t have time to think about it now. She and Jax were about to become pancakes! She grabbed the pedestal and thrust it into the mirror, shattering it into thousands of pieces. She leaped through it, followed by Jax. They found them selves in yet another chamber. In the center of the room and green gem hovered in mid air. “That must be the source of the magicians power!” Jax exclaimed. “Right again!” the evil voice bellowed. This time, however, it was accompanied by it’s owner. The evil wizard stood in a doorway. “Don’t you dare go near it, boy, or you will both perish. I will destroy one of you before the other can possibly destroy me!” Jax hesitated. The sorcerer was right. What could he do? He had failed. Saleena stared in disbelief. No way. She simply could not give up after all she had gone through. In a final desperate attempt she raised her sword, her precious gift from her truest friend, high above her head. Suddenly she felt a power surge through her. The gem in her sword shone like the sun. A beam of light shot forth from it to the glowing gem in the room. The gem shattered, and, with it, the sorcerer. The battle was over. The victory had been won.

The room fell silent. Saleena looked around. Everything was changing. The castle brightened and statues and tapestries, and other things of beauty appeared. The evil one’s fortress had been merely an illusion covering the beauty within. Perhaps it was that magic which was good that had activated the gem within her sword. Or perhaps it was the magic of the bond between her and her friend. All around them, the mountain seemed to be reborn. The evil fortress was truly a magnificent castle. Saleena once again looked at her friend, who somehow seemed more than a friend now. Jax smiled. He walked up to Saleena and hugged her. How they had both changed! “M’lady,” He said, “we’ve been through much together in the past few days. Today I have seen you in a new way. Would you do me the honor of being my bride? We have a beautiful castle in need of a king and queen to rebuild its lost kingdom!” Saleena beamed. “I would be honored to rule by your side!” she said, tears coming to her eyes.