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Babylon 5: The Characters

This page tells all about the various heroic, kind, cruel, bazarre and strange characters you will find on the Babylon 5 station.
John Sheridan
played by Bruce Boxlitner
Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan, a celebrated war hero, has tirelessly employed his diplomatic and military expertise in an effort to secure and maintain peace among the interstellar governments. Now he is charged with the immense responsibility of leading them into the future -- whatever it holds. By his side and in his heart is his half-Human and half-Minbari wife, Delenn.
Michael Garibladi
played by Jerry Doyle
The former Security Chief of Babylon 5, Michael Garibaldi is now Head of Covert Intelligence for the Interstellar Alliance. He spent his life working in security and fighting alcoholism. He has built some very strong friendships on the station - with Commander Sinclair (to whom he owes his position), the other commanding officers, and some of the ambassadors as well - Londo before his association with the Shadows and G'Kar who later risked his life to find him. He likes Daffy Duck.
played by Mira Furlan
Half-Minbari and Half-Human, Ambassador Delenn represents both the Minbari Government and the Rangers on Babylon 5. Her next challenge is to help further the Interstellar Alliance with her husband, Sheridan.Former member of the Grey Council. It was she who chose Commander Sinclair's Starfury to study during the Battle of the Line. As leader of the Rangers, it was she who gave Sheridan command of the Minbari White Star. She looked quite different before entering the chrysalis that made her half-human. She believes Minbari souls are reborn in humans, and is still learning about our nature and customs.
Dr. Stephen Franklin
played by Richard Biggs
A highly devoted physician and healer, Dr. Franklin is Chief Medical Officer of Babylon 5. He has a difficult relationship with his father, a general nicknamed "Firestorm". Ivanova insisted they make peace (as she had missed her chance with her own father). Later, as he appeared more and more overworked, Garibaldi made him face his addiction to stims (as he had faced his own alcohol problem).
played by Bill Mumy
A spiritual member of the Minbari Religious Caste, Lennier was Delenn's devoted aide.Ambassador Delenn's diplomatic attaché. A loyal aide, quiet and efficient, completely devoted to Delenn, and secretly in love with her. He seems to get along with everyone and has a passion for history. He served as Sheridan's First Officer (and translator) aboard the White Star. He is now undergoing training as a Ranger.
Capt. Lochley
played by Tracy Scoggins
At the helm of Babylon 5 is Captain Elizabeth Lochley of the Earth Alliance. She is a career military officer hand-picked by Sheridan, whose allegiance during the war to liberate Earth has many on Babylon 5 questioning her command.
Vir Cotto
played by Stephen Furst
Ambassador Mollari's trusted aide, Vir Cotto often questions his superior's unethical choices. Shy yet courageous, he is good natured and loyal. I love his answer to Morden when asked what he wants: "I'd like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price. I'd look up at your lifeless eyes and wave like this. Can you and your associates arrange it for me, Mr. Morden?".
Zack Allan
played by Jeff Conaway
The current Chief of Security for Babylon 5. Allan was formerly Garibaldi's right hand man and promoted after his abrupt resignation. He had joined the Nightwatch not realizing what the organization was really about. For a while, it seemed like he was going to betray Garibaldi and Sheridan but, instead, he helped neutralize Nightwatch on the station and has proven himself trustworthy.
Lyta Alexande
played by Patricia Tallman
Babylon 5's resident telepath, Lyta Alexander is a woman searching for her place in the universe. The first commercial telepath (mediator) assigned to Babylon 5. It was she who revealed Talia Winters as a PsiCorps mole. To save his life, she reluctantly scanned Vorlon Ambassador Kosh's mind. Changed by that scan, she set out to find the Vorlon homeworld and returned as Kosh's aide.
Londo Mollari
played by Peter Jurasik
Ambassador Mollari is the politically ambitious and materialistic representative of the Centauri Republic -- and G'Kar's long-time rival. His nostalgia for the glory days of the Centauri Republic and his ambitious nature led him to ally himself with the evil forces of the Shadows, through Mr. Morden. He is one of the most versatile characters. Is he to be blamed, pitied or scorned?
played by Andreas Katsulas
The passionate and eloquent representative of the Narn Regime, G'Kar now finds himself protecting the life of his long-time rival, Ambassador Mollari. Former Narn ambassador to Babylon 5, stripped of his title after the conquest of Narn by the Centauri. He is a follower of G'Quan and has dedicated his life to advance the cause of his people. Annoying at first because of his obsession with his own agenda and lack of vision for the whole picture, he turned out to be a solid ally for Sheridan. His mortal enemy is Londo. His best friend is Garibaldi.
Those we hate to say goodbye to. (No longer appearing in season 5)
Susan Ivonava
played by Claudia Christian
First Commanding Officer of Babylon 5 since January 2258. She had already served with John Sheridan before coming to Babylon 5, at Io, a moon of Jupiter and Earth Alliance oupost. She is a latent telepath, unknown to PsiCorps. She was born in the Russian Consortium on Earth. She has a very strong personality and is famous for her one-liners.
Kosh Naranek
The enigmatic Vorlon ambassador to Babylon 5. He spoke rarely and only in riddles. He only came out of his encounter suit twice - for Delenn before her transformation and to save Sheridan from a core shuttle explosion. He appeared as a being of light, yet all present perceived him differently. He had a mental tie with Sheridan. He was assassinated by the Shadows and replaced by another Kosh with a different agenda.
Marcus Cole
Played by Jason Carter
Tthe handsome Ranger. He joined the army of light to carry on the fight his brother, killed by the Shadows along with the rest of his family, had begun. Serious and monastic, he always keeps his promises. He does like a good fight and uses a Minbari fighting pike for defense. Ivanova seems to have caught his heart.
Commander Jeffrey Sinclair
Played by Michael O'Hare
First commander of Babylon 5 (by specific request of the Minbari), reassigned as first Ambassador to Minbar. There was a 24 hour gap in his memory from the Battle of the Line which was returned to him just before his reassignment. On Minbar, he led the Rangers then joined Zathras on Babylon 4 for a crucial time-travel mission.
And of course, the villians, old and new.
Played by Ed Wasser
The infamous, mysterious Mr. Morden, emissary of the Shadows. Morden was on board the Icarus on its doomed mission to Z'ha'dum. We learn more about him, and Anna Sheridan, in The Shadow Within by Jeanne Cavelos. His "association" with Londo had many ups and down. He eventually had to go above Londo's head, to Lord Refa and even to the Emperor.
Played by Walter Koenig
The detestable, ruthless PsiCorps representative. He won't hesitate to scan illegally or kill if it can help his mission. He came to Babylon 5 several times for different reasons. Apparently, he lives on Mars, is married and has a 5 year old daughter. Quite a different role for nice Mr Chekov!