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Even More STUFF!!

This page has exactly what is says. Just more STUFF. I have weird hobbies, watch strange shows, bazarre friends ( to a certain extent), and this page has it. Everything else and more.
Like I said, I have some weird hobbies, like collecting pencils, bookmarks, and cacti, but somehow I don't think those are really going to thrill you to death. Some of my other hobbies include Tamagotchi, drawing, and writing short stories and poems. Maybe someday I'll have the guts to put one of them on my page, but for now lets just forget I brought it up.
As I said, I'm into Tamagotchis. I was surfin' the net one day and came across this strange word I couldn't even pronounce. Further investigation led me to what has become a fad almost as big as Beanie Babies (Yea, I collect those too!). Tamagotchis are small, pocket sized electronic pets that you have to feed, clean up after, play with, and rais into adulthood. They're actually pretty addictive! My dad bought me mine in a mall in Huntsville, Alabama. Pretty soon we were making trips to get one for my friend, Alex, and one for my brother's birthday. Talk about contageous! Pretty soon I couldn't set foot outside my house without hearing that familiar "beep, beep, beep!" calling for attention. Anyway, below I have some links of cheats, hints, and tips for your Tamagotchi. Check it out!

Even MORE links!

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